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2020 Blog Wrap-Up – Our 21st Year of Helping Businesses Level Up

December 15, 2020

2020 marketing blog wrap up

2020 is coming to a close, and this year we dedicated ourselves to helping you take your marketing to the next level for the next decade. To that end, we produced pages of content all about marketing – with topics ranging from email campaigns, to lead gen, to web design, all the way to digital ad strategy and more. Today we’re collecting a wrap up of these marketing topics from our 2020 Level Up series in one convenient place! Follow the links below to learn about each topic.

Level Up Your Email Marketing

In this series, we covered email marketing basics like audience creation, as well as best practices for automation. Learn all about setting up an effective email marketing campaign – click a topic to read more.

Intro: Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Automating Your Emails With a Drip Campaign

Structuring Your Marketing Emails

Selecting an Email Marketing Audience

Level Up Your Email Marketing: Wrap-Up

Don’t Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

level up your business photography

Level Up Your Business Photography

This three-part series talks about business photography best practices. Everything from real estate photos, headshots, and product photography, to the nitty-gritty on where your photos end up. Pick a blog to start reading!

Level Up Your Business Photography

Business Photography: How, Where, Why?

Level Up Your Business Photography: Wrap-Up


Level Up Your Digital Lead Generation

Learn everything you need to generate more leads digitally! This extensive series covers the specifics of key digital lead sources, audience building, and much more. Click below and learn all about it.

Level Up Your Digital Lead Generation

Building Your Perfect Target Audience

Lead Generation: Facebook

Lead Generation: Google Ads

Lead Generation: Email

Lead Generation: Blogging

Lead Generation: The Process

Level Up Your Digital Lead Generation: Wrap-Up

Get Better Leads From Digital Advertising – 6 tricks

Level Up Your Local SEO

We covered key strategies for upping your SEO game in this series. The tips here are for more than just local SEO – but that’s where many businesses see the best return for their efforts. Don’t miss these essential posts!

Simple SEO Mistakes to Avoid

3 Local SEO Services You’ve Heard About, and Some you Haven’t

Long Tail Keywords: Use Better Keywords, Get Better Leads

5 Content Ideas for Great Local SEO That you can do Before Lunch

Your Local SEO Marketing Plan: 5 Strategies for Attracting More Local Customers

Level Up Your Website

Traffic, performance, and design – this series is all about leveling up your website. You’ll find tips and tricks for getting and keeping visitors, as well as a look at the back end of the site and some details on how performance affects your bottom line.

Get More Traffic to Your Website With These 5 Upgrades

Keep Visitors Longer for More Conversions

Get More Leads: Level Up Your Site Functionality

Build a Better Website: How to Balance Performance and Appeal

Keep Them Coming Back: Website Design for Repeat Visitors

selling cupcakes to bikers image

Level Up Your Design

This eclectic series dives into some easy-to-use design concepts you can apply to get more quality attention on your brand. Find out how to match your brand to your ideal audience, create customer loyalty, and get high-quality print collateral to use everywhere.

Selling Cupcakes to Bikers; Design and Branding

How to Design a Great Logo

Set Your Brand Apart, Create Customer Loyalty

Getting Stellar Results From Fast Print Collateral

Making Social Media Graphics to Get Results

Level Up in 2021

To wrap up the year, we want to prepare your business for 2021. These articles were created to lay that foundation. The first one, “Is Trying to Balance Your Marketing Driving you Nuts?” talks about the value of a balanced marketing budget – and what to take into consideration when deciding what marketing actions are right for your company.

Is Trying to Balance Your Marketing Driving you Nuts?

your 2021 website refresh

Your 2021 Website Refresh Checklists

The next three, “Your 2021 Website Refresh Checklists”, give you a comprehensive checklist for refreshing your website before the new year – each one slightly more technical than the last. Start with the triage checklist and you’ll be well on your way to a functional, appealing site for 2021.

A Triage Checklist for Your Website

A Checklist for Site Content and Design

A Checklist for Website Performance

Get Ready for the New Year!

And that’s our marketing wrap up for 2020! This isn’t the end though – keep an eye on our blog for even more content to help take your business to the next level for the next decade! Sign up for our newsletter to get real marketing insights straight to your inbox, and to stay ahead of the curve for next year.

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