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Simple SEO Mistakes to Avoid

May 21, 2020

Search Engine Optimization can be a battle of inches, and getting it just right on your site means knowing what not to do as well. Today we have 6 simple tips for avoiding SEO pitfalls and mistakes you might not even be aware of. Read on and find out what you can do to win those precious Google search results rankings for keywords that matter to your business, page by page.

Doing keyword research to avoid SEO mistakes

You Can’t Get by Without Keyword Research

It’s a fact of life for SEOs, you need to know what to optimize for. Keyword research is how you build an awareness of what will be effective – and it means more than looking up some juicy key phrases with Google search. You have a full suite of tools at your disposal, like Google Analytics or Search Console – and if you want keywords to really drive results, you need to familiarize yourself with those tools. It can be a time consuming process, and in the case of paid tools like SEMRush, HubSpot, SE Ranking or similar, it can make your SEO mistakes expensive too. Having an agency on your side with experience in these tools is a golden opportunity to save time and money. We’ll free up your time so you can get back to doing what you do best for your business – give us a call to learn more.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing (How We Do It)

Keyword stuffing happens when you get too enthusiastic about that “perfect” keyword. You pump it into all the corners of your content. It appears in every paragraph – twice. Search engines can tell when you’re doing this, and they think it’s disingenuous. We avoid keyword stuffing by measuring how many times the keyword pops up in our content and keeping it below a maximum (and above a minimum of course, for effectiveness).

Create Stellar On-Site Content

One of our top SEO tips? Create content that is technically sound and creatively engaging. If your content doesn’t give anyone a reason to click one of your links in their search, nobody has a reason to visit your site. Make content that’s like a magnet for clicks, and then optimize it so it actually gets seen. We have a knack for that, actually (enjoying the blog by the way?), and if you want some seriously well-researched, engaging SEO content, reach out to us.

Fix Poor Meta, Titles, and Alt Text

It’s a sad story, a site has good content but the meta, titles, alt text, image names, and everything else is a mess. These are the little details that can make or break your SEO – get them right and they’ll serve your goals like magic. It’s easy to miss these little things, but they’re the bricks that will build your SEO – bit by bit.

stop slow site load times

Stop Slow Load Times

Rich content on your site is a fantastic idea – but it can go wrong when you use the wrong file type, upload a file without compressing it, or otherwise create bloat that leads to slow site load times. Maybe you need to implement a CDN, or a load balancer. The process of going through and fixing that is technical, and is best done with experience to back it up – experience just like we have at Rearview Advertising.

don't try to do SEO all alone

Don’t Try This Alone

Our number one suggestion, don’t run yourself ragged in six different directions plugging holes in your SEO. We know how to analyze a site, do the research specific to your industry, and create SEO solutions that get clear results. The best part? We analyze those results and level up your optimization game constantly. Don’t go it alone. Call Rearview Advertising and avoid all these common SEO mistakes today.

6 Reasons to Call Us

Yes, these mistakes are all very simple to avoid. One call to Rearview Advertising will have you seeing your SEO more clearly. Find out how we’ve helped companies like yours with web optimization – and see for yourself how Rearview makes it easier to level up your SEO and get your business more free website traffic and new leads from Google.

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