Real Estate Photography – Why Now Is Better

Beautiful home real estate photography exterior

All homebuyers shopping for a new home want to see high quality, attractive real estate photography. First, they expect a well-framed photo or two that captures the exterior of the home with clean landscaping. Next, they’re looking for well-lit images of the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the spacious… Read More

Rearview Welcomes New Digital Marketing Specialist!

Elyssa Reed Rearview's new Digital Marketing Specialist

We are excited to have Elyssa Reed, our Digital Marketing Specialist, as the newest member of the Rearview Advertising team! Elyssa developed her passion for digital marketing during her time working at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee where she managed their enterprise social media channels and assisted with editorial strategy and… Read More

Try the Perfect Pumpkin Scone Recipe for Fall

Try this perfect pumpkin scone recipe for Fall - We love it

The fall season is in full swing, and to make it even better we have the perfect treat for all of the pumpkin spice fans out there. To go along with your pumpkin spice lattes and festive dinners we want to share a delectable pumpkin scone recipe that will surely… Read More

Amazon Breaks New Ground With First US Drone Delivery

History was made earlier this week at the MARS 2017 conference with Amazon making their first US drone delivery! During the invite-only event, an automated drone was able to make the first public demonstration of how Amazon’s automated drones would deliver a package to a specified location. The use of automated drones… Read More

Rearview Welcomes New Content Writer!

Welcome to the team Travis!  

We’ve Been Reacting on Facebook for a Whole Year

It has been about a year, since Facebook changed up how we respond to posts on our News Feeds. We moved from only being allowed to like things to now being able to love, be wowed, and even be angry at things our Friends post. When Facebook first created these bad… Read More

How to add Atlanta Falcons Custom Emoji to Slack

The city of Atlanta is anxiously awaiting Super Bowl LI in Houston. Rearview stands In Brotherhood with the Atlanta Falcons as they take on the New England Patriots in what is sure to be a thrilling, high scoring game. Share the love with your coworkers on Slack by adding custom… Read More

Rearview Welcomes New Project Manager, Alexis Greenberg!

We are so excited to have you join our team Alexis!

A Change In Perspective

Aerial videography is a great way to show off your neighborhood from a new perspective and easily show the surrounding location. When used correctly it can capture the centerpiece of your neighborhood and the surrounding community. One simple video can have a positive influence on potential buyers and generate sales… Read More

Rearview Welcomes New IT Analyst, Miles Hollis!

  FAVORITE WEBSITE: Maybe this is cheating, but I’m going to go with StumbleUpon. It’s perfect for discovering new sites that fit your interests. FAVORITE RESTAURANT: A big favorite of mine is the Marietta Diner. You get ridiculous amounts of food, the cakes are crazy good, and I still haven’t… Read More