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Put the Brakes on High Bounce Rates

High bounce rates lead to less time spent by potential clients on your website, and that means that your visitor will not stay around long enough to convert. Here’s what makes users hit the “back” button, and how to make sure your website really performs! You have a gorgeous, clever… Read More

SSL and Your SEO: Security for Higher Rankings

These days, that little lock next to the URL in your address bar has significance far beyond a secure credit card transaction. A valid SSL certificate on your website provides a level of trust between you and your website visitor, one that even search engines respect when considering ranking. Although… Read More

Customer Relationship Management From Quarantine for Small Businesses

For many people, quarantine still isn’t over and won’t be for a long time. We’ve discussed why bringing digital conveniences into your real-world location is necessary – but businesses still need to maintain relationships with customers when they aren’t able to come to a physical location. Social media channels, video… Read More

Digital Strategy for Your SMB – Making it Real

With a massive shift to digital in 2020, businesses have discovered a variety of new ways to accommodate customers. Customers, in turn, have come to expect a smooth online experience that translates directly to the real-world. Online grocery ordering, contactless delivery, and every facet of online shopping give each click… Read More

Why Your First Quarter in 2021 Should Include a Website Update

By any reasonable measurement, and judging from real-world observations, it’s clear that an update to your business website may be among the most important things you do to start 2021. It has been for countless clients of ours in the past, and it has never been more important than it… Read More

Site Launch: Crawford Creek Communities

Crawford Creek Communities is a Georgia home builder with a focus on “the big picture” for every community they create. Part of their own big picture, though, needed a change. The Crawford Creek Communities website was not producing leads at its best – and that meant they were missing out… Read More

2020 Blog Wrap-Up – Our 21st Year of Helping Businesses Level Up

2020 is coming to a close, and this year we dedicated ourselves to helping you take your marketing to the next level for the next decade. To that end, we produced pages of content all about marketing – with topics ranging from email campaigns, to lead gen, to web design,… Read More

Your 2021 Website Refresh: A Checklist for Website Performance

If you’ve followed our previous checklists, your site is stable, and it’s looking good and reading well – now comes the technical checklist. With this checklist, you can boost the performance of your website further, taking it from good to great. We’re going to level with you – many of… Read More

Your 2021 Website Refresh: A Checklist for Site Content and Design

You’ve followed our first checklist; website triage, and your site is running reasonably well now. The next step is making it shine! Content and design are the two elements that can consistently draw people to your site and keep them there (and, of course, convert). Here’s our checklist for creating… Read More

Your 2021 Website Refresh: A Triage Checklist for Your Website

The new year is the right time to refresh your site! Maybe you’re interested in an update, but you need help determining whether a refresh or a full re-work of your website is appropriate. We’ve developed three handy checklists to show you what to look out for. This checklist is… Read More