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How Advertising Evolved: From Print Ads to Social Posts in the Internet Age

The Year the Web Was Born  1989 was a pivotal year in history. The Berlin Wall separating East and West Germany was torn down, student-led demonstrations culminated in a government-sanctioned massacre in Tiananmen Square– Beijing, China, and Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, submitted his proposal for the invention of the… Read More

The Origins of Mother’s Day: From Antiwar Activists to the Darling of Advertising

We often think about Mother’s Day as a time to celebrate our mothers, those who birthed us and the women who make an important impact on our lives; however, the Mother’s Day tradition isn’t simply about buying a bouquet of flowers and moms donning sheepish grins as they flip through… Read More

From Average to Award-winning: A Guide to Rebranding Your Business

This past weekend Atlanta welcomed a crowd of nearly 300,000 people donning colorful beaded bracelets, pristine white cowboy boots, and heart-shaped accessories. This wasn’t a typical Southern Sunday gathering or country music festival. On the contrary, it was an event so anticipated that Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation,… Read More

Employee Team Feature: Lead Designer, Beth Pruitt

We are excited to have Lead Designer Beth Pruitt as part of our Rearview Advertising team! Beth is considered a jack of all trades with her years of design experience and aptitude for creative projects. Her love of art was fostered by her mother, a professional portrait artist, who taught… Read More

‘Crypto Bros,’ YouTubers, and the New Faces of Financial Influencer Marketing

When we think about celebrities such as Tom Brady, Madonna, Neyo, Lindsey Lohan, and Jimmy Fallon, their exceptional athletic abilities, captivating stage presence, and extensive lists of cinematic achievements are the first things that come to mind. However, for some, these accolades have become secondary as their names now take… Read More

Employee Team Feature: Designer, Kaylee Shuler

We are excited to have Designer Kaylee Shuler as part of our Rearview Advertising team! Kaylee’s love for logos, typography, and branding are just a few of the interests she fosters. At Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) she studied Advertising with a focus on Art Direction. She enjoyed… Read More

Rearview Team Feature: Designer, Meghan Nichols

We are excited to have Designer, Meghan Nichols, as part of our Rearview Advertising team! Meghan has always had a keen eye for color theory, symmetry, and typography, but her unlikely career in graphic and UI-UX design began when she was taking accounting courses as a business major in college…. Read More

How AI is Shaping the Next Phase of Pop Culture

Popular sci-fi films like iRobot, Ex-Machina, and 9 brought to life humankind’s theories about the world being inundated and eradicated by the robots we created. Today, the boundaries of where technology should be used and the extent of our programming are being blurred, and the distinction between fiction and reality… Read More

Rearview Team Feature: Digital Marketing Manager, Abbey Hays

We are excited to have Digital Marketing Manager, Abbey Hays, as part of our Rearview Advertising team! Abbey has always been a highly creative person. She remembers taking career assessment exams when she was younger and scoring in the highest percentile for any careers related to artistry and invention. She… Read More

The Gendered Lens: The Evolution of Women in Advertising

In 2023, it is safe to say that most people fall into one of three categories regarding their mobile devices: those who are unintentionally addicted, those who are actively attempting to conquer their addiction or those who refuse to acknowledge the extent of their screen time. Think about it: we… Read More