10 Tips to Level Up Your Social Media Management

May 14, 2020

You know that in a digital world, a strong social media presence is imperative to your success. We’ve got the insights to take your social strategy – no matter the platform – to the next level. Make sure your social media presence is top notch with these 10 tips and let Rearview Advertising help you with this unique channel. 

10. Use and Reuse Your Content

Creating content of any kind? It needs to be anywhere your audience might catch it. That means blogs get a shoutout on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and new photos on your site should be posted to your Instagram as well. Keep the voice consistent, but change up your messaging. Always check to see that any of your shares from you or your staff have their privacy set to “public” on Facebook. If you need help establishing a brand voice or creating a campaign, contact us.

9. Tag Vendors and Partners

Is your business working with another company or partner? If so, always tag them in your posts and share any relevant content they share to your business page. It’ll give you both a signal boost.

8. Publish Quality Material

No matter what kind of business you have, the quality of your content matters. Post only those photos and videos that make your product or service look stellar to your audience. Not sure where to start? Check out our photography services – we know how to shine a new light on your business. 

7. Post Consistently

Once you gain a following on any social media platform, your audience will watch for your content. Don’t let them down. Plan ahead so any posting hiccups are easier – for you and your followers. Engaging copywriters and content creators like Rearview can help keep your posts fresh! 

6. Effectively Manage Your Reputation

On social media platforms, your prospective customers expect your business to always be available. While reputation management is a lengthy process that could easily have a blog of its own, responding in a timely manner and with the right professional tone is a good start. We can help you come up with a daily execution plan to show your audience that you really care. 

5. Observe Key Posting Times

Did you know that posting your content at certain times leads to higher engagement from your audience? These times are based on when your audience is online and most likely to interact with your content. Facebook, as well as other platforms, have created several tools that get into the details of your performance. The Insights/Analytics tab of your business page helps marketing professionals fine tune your content to increase your ROI, reach, engagement, and more. Being able to understand and act on these insights is imperative to reducing costs and seeing a big difference in your numbers – contact us to begin making a difference on your social accounts. 

4. Vary Your Content

Now that your audience is on the hook for your content, make sure to keep them interested. Varying your content is a good way to keep interest. Post a combination of photos, videos, live events, blogs, relevant quotes, inspiration, and more! Your audience doesn’t want to be sold to all the time.

3. Start with an Objective

Before posting on any social media platform, make sure you have a clear objective. This will not only make your overall message more cohesive, but will save you money, as well. Let us help you choose the right objectives on social media

2. Analyze and Adapt

In addition to the Business Manager in Facebook, a general suite of software is available to help you constantly tune and adapt to your audience’s actions. Use these insights to not only generate interest, but to generate need. Drive contact and track your progress across multiple platforms using these tools to better understand your own sales funnel and your own campaign successes or failures. Confused by these metrics and what they mean? Give us a call so we can help. 

1. Work with Rearview for a Higher ROI

Social media isn’t just another box to check for your business. It’s a growing, complex 2-way communication channel that can change the way you approach leads and customers. Not using these tools and platforms correctly can be a large cost burden to your social media budget. Rearview will implement a strategy that captures the right attention, working to level up your engagement and your image. Our results of reducing your cost per click while expanding your reach, become a quick ROI with easy to identify benefits for you and your brand. 

Social media is where you can find new clients, prospects, leads, and customers. Follow our top ten tips above for a competitive edge in this intimidating landscape. We know how best to navigate the complexities of social media. Give us a like on Facebook, and click “Follow” to get notifications when we post to see firsthand how we can take your strategy to the next level. You can even invite us to like your page, so when it comes time to audit your presence on social media, we’ll have greater insight into how you post.

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