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Facebook Live Events | Rockhaven Homes Case Study

May 7, 2020

Facebook live events for Rockhaven Homes The Ask

In mid-april 2020, with social distancing measures still in place and potential buyers reluctant to come out for a physical grand opening, Rearview client Rockhaven Homes was in a difficult position. Two of their newest communities were ready for showing – but in-person gatherings were out of the question. They needed a way to reach interested homebuyers and spread the word about these new neighborhoods, without violating shelter-in-place or social distancing guidelines. With some creative thinking, Rearview had a solution that would generate real interest and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Rockhaven was going to host two wildly successful Facebook Live events as a set of virtual grand openings.

The Answer

With proper promotion, and some good planning, Rockhaven Homes could still host their grand opening events through social media. Rearview Advertising equipped Rockhaven with everything they needed for two successful Facebook Live grand openings. The recipe for success went beyond simply creating a Facebook Live event. For both grand openings, high interest media (including video) was created to generate an audience and warm up the crowds. From there, strategic posts were used to keep everyone’s interest peaked with the right kind of teasing to wet appetites for more information on these two latest Rockhaven neighborhoods. Finally, we walked their agents through the process of running a Facebook Live event. After an inhouse dry run complete with test streaming content, they were ready for the event itself.

From Rockhaven's Facebook Live event


On the day of, Rearview Advertising was there the whole time to ensure there weren’t any hiccups – and to help reply to questions and comments. Of the 245 questions and comments on the first live video, some were answered onscreen during the live stream – but Rearview answered a large portion of them directly on the post itself. We also ran the giveaway of several high-value gift cards to viewers who commented. After the stream, Rearview addressed any remaining questions and connected interested buyers with the agents behind the community. Because the videos are still available for viewing, the two events continue to rack up interactions, views, and interest.

Data on engagement for Facebook Live

The Proof

Two successful events later, Rockhaven has real interest around their new communities and plenty of curious potential buyers. A total 92 live viewers were present for the events. They’ve also gotten a combined 365 engagements (and counting) on their grand opening videos – with viewers asking questions and reaching out to the agents even after the live portion of the events. Information about their events reached a total of 40.1 thousand Facebook users. This has netted real contracts and offers for Rockhaven within a few days of the events themselves!

Creative Solutions, Dependable Service

Your grand opening or product launch can be a success, just like these two events were for Rockhaven Homes. Rearview Advertising can walk your staff through hosting and presentation, and be there to help manage the event as it’s happening. Contact us or fill out the form below and let us know what you’re planning – there is a way to reach your audience no matter where they are, Rearview Advertising will help you make the most of it.

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