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Website Redesign | Rocklyn Homes Case Study

July 11, 2019

Case study for Rocklyn Homes' new lead-generating website

The Ask

Atlanta homebuilder Rocklyn Homes needed a redesigned website to generate more leads and convert more home buyers. The site needed to be user friendly and deliver information in a straightforward and efficient way. Overall, it would be designed to give online home buyers full confidence in their choice of Rocklyn Homes.

Rocklyn Homes' new award-winning website

The Answer

Rearview transformed Rocklyn’s site into an open, easily accessible structure. Browsing habits of Rocklyn’s target demographic were researched and analyzed. We designed the site to match the way they consume content, especially social media and mobile. Each community page eliminates the need for the visitor to navigate to multiple pages. Location, floor plans, elevations, features, pricing, amenities, and more all appear on the top level of each page. The content across the entire site also provides easily digestible, condensed views optimized for mobile screens, to capture the more than 58% of traffic coming from smartphones. 

The Proof

With the launch of the new site, Rocklyn immediately saw the benefits of a redesign. In combination with a compelling promotional campaign, the new website sparked an uptick in selling. Rocklyn Homes generated 70% more sales over the next 6 weeks. A record-breaking 49 contracts were written during the week the site launched. 

Monitoring visitor behavior also contributed to the success of the website redesign and campaign. When the landing page for the “It’s on the House” promotion wasn’t generating expected leads, we used data from SEO, Digital Marketing reports and other tracking methods to determine how to change our approach. We shifted the location of the “more info” button on the page. This small UX change created a flood of responses; 35 per week, compared to 3-4 before the optimization. Further research helped us determine exactly where to put call-to-action forms on each page, rocketing unique form leads from 65 per month to more than 200.


Award-Winning Lead Generation Websites

In 2018, Rocklyn’s site won the 2018 Gold OBIE award in the Best Website – Corporate – Builder/Developer category. Through user research and tracking we were able to help Rocklyn generate more leads and guide their users through the home buying funnel. Their beautifully functional site helped create more traffic and sales for Rocklyn Homes.

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