Product Launch | JX Nippon ANCI Case Study

December 9, 2019

The Ask

JX Nippon ANCI, international producer of nonwoven products and shipping solutions, needed help successfully marketing their newest product launch. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a nonwoven mesh made from sustainably-sourced sugarcane resin. They requested Rearview’s expertise to get their new product in front of an audience of grocery and produce managers as well as packers at the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit trade show. 

The Answer

Rearview knew a comprehensive marketing plan was key to the successful launch of CLAF® Bio Fabric™. Our design and copy teams created physical collateral such as flyers, postcards, and product info stickers for JX Nippon to bring to the trade show. We also designed and bought media space for print and digital trade magazines. Along with this, we created a press release for industry-related and business news outlets. Additionally, we designed a logo and an attractive and informative website for the product, as well as launched supportive display ads. We also created an eye-catching trade show backdrop for their booth in order to highlight the new product. With a strong launch strategy, diverse collateral, and well-coordinated execution, JX Nippon was prepared for a successful product launch that coincided perfectly with their trade show appearance.

The Proof

JX Nippon ANCI had an enormously successful trade show, with a consistent stream of visitors interested in CLAF® Bio Fabric™ drawn to their booth. Every visitor left with printed collateral to learn more. In fact, they attracted wider attention than initially expected. As a result, representatives spent time networking with potential clients outside of their initial target market. JX Nippon ANCI considers the launch to have played a large hand in the success of the product, and are now planning their next round marketing initiatives with Rearview.

A successful product launch starts with collateral

Full Service, Full Stop

Announcing a product launch or a new site? Making an appearance at a trade show? Just getting the word out about your existing products? Rearview Advertising can help you exceed expectations and put your product in front of the right people. Contact us and find out how we can help.

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