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Site Launch: McKinley Homes

November 20, 2020

McKinley Homes needed to launch a site that could do more. They were looking for a new website that would help make their work easier. Listings, updates, and everything else they needed in order to sell new homes moved slowly on their old site, meaning that business was slowed down. When they signed up for services from Rearview, a new website was on the top of their list – and what they got was more than a web presence. They got a suite of tools and options that made their funnel much more efficient, and a site redesign to bring everything into the new decade.

Custom Tools

At the heart of any homebuilder website are the listings, and the McKinley Homes website is no exception. From giving prospective home buyers a variety of homes to choose from, to feeding listing data to external sites such as Zillow, developing a robust and flexible listing platform was a high priority. Listings are imported from McKinley Homes’ custom back office system through a seamless import process so the website stays up to date and the need for duplicate entries into multiple systems is eliminated.

They also got integrated site plan updates through their inventory feed. When inventory is sold, agents can update the neighborhood’s site plan to reflect open lots on the website. Visitors to the site get a real-time look at what they can buy, and McKinley Homes can better advertise availability.

Clean, Friendly Design

McKinley Homes’ new site is clean, user-friendly, and smooth on both desktop and mobile. It’s designed to get users what they’re looking for quickly – but it does more than that! We also added clear calls to action throughout the site, and other opportunities for capturing leads. Leads now automatically flow into their CRM – making it that much easier to nurture and act on those leads.

A Quality New Website

This new website launch sets McKinley Homes up for a fantastic next decade! Level Up your business for 2021 – Rearview Advertising can help! Call us for a free 30 minute coaching session – or sign up for our email list for free tips and solutions straight to your inbox.

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