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Taking a Winning Brand’s Site to the Next Level

November 2, 2021

taking a winning brand's real estate website to the next level - Rearview Advertising - Tamra Wade

The web is ever-changing, and keeping your business out in front of a shifting buyer landscape calls for a website that can grow and evolve as needed. The Tamra Wade Team has an impressive track record of getting ahead of the curve in their business, and in 2021 they were ready to move forward in the continued growth of their real estate brokerage website. Their most recent update with us in 2018 was still serving them well; a flexible and easy-to-edit site framework, custom listing feed management, and intelligent lead forms were just a few of the features we had built for the site. And when it was time to implement the next chapter in the growth of this award-winning brand’s web presence, they were well-prepared.

Working with Rearview Advertising made it easy for The Tamra Wade Team to bring their own wishlist, as well as to discuss additions that would have the most impact in their updates. The flexible backbone established for the site in 2018 opened up a wide variety of possibilities within their timetable and budget. Where it was simple for their team to have the site updated throughout the year, it was just as easy to launch this next visual evolution.

Starting The Level-Up Process

Because the Tamra Wade Team wanted to keep this update project within scope and within an established budget, the Rearview Advertising team set in motion a plan that would provide the most impactful changes and the greatest value for our client. After a kickoff meeting, we created a functional demonstration that included newly identified update opportunities to meet their team’s real goal for this website update – driving more leads in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

Scrolling through the Tamra Wade website

Building Confidence and Driving Results

As on any website, the landing pages on The Tamra Wade Team’s real estate site are vitally important. As a major landing page, their homepage was a key focus point. When new visitors arrive, they need to be presented with a visual resume that conveys confidence and professionalism. A stylish, integrated, full-screen intro video features some of the Tamra Wade Team’s accolades, and introduces new visitors to this brokerage and their long history of success.

Below the first fold, visitors looking for homes are immediately encouraged to start browsing available inventory, while the following areas offer easy access to resources for builders, agents, and even community outreach. The result is traffic management that takes visitors to the areas that interest them most, without sacrificing one type of lead focus for another, while eliminating the hunt for relevant content.

SEO “gurus” with lesser knowledge might argue the value of independent pages for each lead focus, with a homepage that purely speaks to a buyer. However, a full-service brokerage like The Tamra Wade Team has nothing to hide from search engines and everything to gain from letting them know up front, “We do it all!”. Search engines are much more intelligent today than 10 years ago, and modern secondary pages accomplish the goals of SEO and lead generation better than ever. This front page accomplishes its own primary goals of communicating: 1) Who are we, 2) What can we do for you, 3) And here’s why we’re better than the other guys – leaving no visitor behind in the process.

Let Your Focus Shine Through

Secondary pages in modern websites play heavily into SEO scoring, user experience, and lead generation. And that’s where we added some of their other, more visible updates; along with retouches to their top navigation items, we made their listing and lead capture experience even cleaner and more streamlined. For example, without the need for agents to manage multiple variants of the same floor plan on the back end, Tamra Wade’s website can easily display different versions of floor plans per neighborhood. That functionality spreads to their Zillow listings as well. Two Zillow listings across town from one another can pull different versions of the same floor plan with minimal input from an agent. We also updated the design of their lead forms during this update. Tamra Wade Team’s CRM requires certain fields for full effectiveness – we designed a larger, cleaner lead form to collect all the required information. It’s easy to complete and hard to miss, without being obnoxious – paving the way for even more agent contact.

An Easy and Effective Way to Level Up

A site update gives you the chance to step back and reassess the look and effectiveness of your site, without necessarily taking on a complete overhaul. With some functional additions from our developers, your website can perform like brand new too – with new opportunities to capture leads and boost engagement. If you want to extend the effectiveness of your site, or if you want a totally new website for visitors to explore, reach out to Rearview Advertising for a free assessment of how we can make your site present a confident image that drives contact.

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