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Long Tail Keywords: Use Better Keywords, Get Better Leads

September 21, 2021

how to find long tail keywords how to use better keywords

You want better leads – that is, you want leads that are more likely to convert. Long tail keywords can get you there. Used correctly, they can increase your SEO impact even further – giving you a better ROI on what’s likely one of your biggest marketing budget items (with even less competition). Properly using long tail keywords is like out thinking an opponent, rather than overpowering them. However, you’ll need a little priming before you’re ready to take advantage of these unique phrases for better leads. Here are our top 3 tips for getting better leads with long tail keywords.

First, What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are key phrases that are longer and more specific than those big “head” keywords (which are difficult to rank for). Think “natural organic tangerine lip balm” rather than “lip balm.” Generally, aiming for a long tail keyword makes you more likely to be seen in search, but by a smaller audience. The key factor here is intent. When someone searches your long tail keyword, they’re looking for something specific – and you could come in at #1 on their list of places to get it.

1. Learn Your Tools

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information. Sometimes, however, it can be a bit of an overabundance. Narrow the information down to home in on exactly which terms are performing for your site. Create views with the right filters to match your KPIs, and watch how search users are reaching your site. Learning Google Analytics is a long process. Skip the stress and get an agency who can do all that for you.

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2. Learn How to Find the Long Tail

Down to the heart of this article. When you’re doing keyword research, you’re looking for the ones that will have the greatest impact and the least competition. Generally, this means finding key phrases that have a few more words in them. You’re not aiming for “men’s shoes” – you’re looking to rank for “casual mens chukka brown leatherette.” It’s specific enough that you’re going to rise near the top – and after some optimization you’ll hit #1 sooner than you think. It captures traffic from people more likely to buy, because you’re providing the exact thing they’re looking for. It’s also not so specific that you always rank #1… in searches that nobody is conducting.

3. Listen to What Google has to Say

Our final tip is the simplest – punch your potential keyphrase into Google search. Look at the suggestions Google makes. These are the top searches that are adjacent to your chosen keyphrase – do not be afraid to refine your search term with the more natural language suggested by Google.

Your Ticket to Better Organic Leads

SEO could give you the biggest bang for your buck – but you need to know how to leverage it to your advantage. Long tail keywords are your gateway to more effective organic SEO. Want more information on how you can improve SEO on your site? Fill out the form below and send us a message – also, ask to be added to our email list. You’ll get a free marketing session to talk with one of our experts, and you’ll regularly get valuable tips to make your marketing more effective. Or, if you like, give us a call and talk to an expert right now.

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