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3 Local SEO Services You’ve Heard About, and Some you Haven’t

June 15, 2020

3 local SEO services you've heard about and some you haven't

SEO requires a number of tools and techniques for a proper ROI. Some of them are obvious – wanna rank on Google? Play nice with their business listings. But don’t you want something a little more advanced? Read on and see our tips for a few local SEO services you’ve heard of – and some you may not have considered.

The Old Standby, Google My Business

You know it, and if you’re smart about SEO you love it. A Google My Business listing gives you google-preferred tools for getting your listing into searches, along with a few special features. Our tip for this one? Proximity is always a factor on Google, so treating your listing like a key element in your SEO will reveal keywords, generate photos, and draw reviewers to talk about your business. Keeping a listing up to date is pretty involved, though – if you want to get the most out of it you need a team keeping an eye out. Call Rearview Advertising, we’ll get you set up and keep everything tidy.

backlinks and intra site linking

Track it All: Backlinks & Intra-Site Linking

Yes, the ever-elusive backlink. You know to reach out where you can and get your site linked externally so search engines can see you’re one of the experts – but what about internal links? The hierarchy of your site plays a role in establishing your SEO as well – proper anchor text and link density are key. Oh – and always be on the lookout for toxic links; junk mentions on spammy websites are an SEO killer. Disavow them when you can.

Your Bread and Butter, On-Site Optimization

You already know that everything on your site needs to be just right. Optimize load times, compress those images right, get solid meta, tags, and alt text in place – and yes, start cranking out good, optimized content. Sounds like a little much? Well with Rearview, you can have a website designed for SEO from the bottom up – with regular improvement and monitoring.

Not a Typo: Bing My Places

Look, it’s out of left field but we’re not joking. Bing has an answer to Google My Business called Bing My Places. It has essentially the same functionality – and maintaining it is simple. Once you have Google all lined up, consider integrating a Bing listing, it can automatically update when you update Google My Business. Here’s a solid tip on why Bing matters; if only 12% of 6 million people in Metro Atlanta use it, and your competition ignores it, you’ve got a pool of over 700k people looking for your business.

analytics tools

Getting Technical with Analytics

Finally, you probably tinker with tools like Google Analytics already, but what are you really doing with that data? Pin down where traffic is coming from – what city, what county, what kind of device were they using? Incorporate the relevant keywords into your content to draw local traffic, and make sure your site is optimized for mobile or desktop (both, preferably).

Get the Tools to Level Up Your Local SEO

Whether you’re building your site or analyzing the data – your local SEO strategy should always be evolving. But staying flexible can be tough on your own, especially when you have other things to take care of. That’s why Rearview is here to help. Call one of our local SEO experts to find out about our services   and talk to us about your goals. Together we’ll build a site and strategy to pull in more search traffic.

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