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What In The World Are You People Looking For?

December 12, 2012

Google’s annual search report is out for 2012. Topping most lists this year? Pop-tarts  and Hurricanes of course! And not the edible variety. From new New Kids On The Block (One Direction), to Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style, and Rihanna, to Hurricane Sandy, trendy news may be easy to find, but we all searched for the “deeper stories” behind those names anyway. Or maybe we’re just a little lazy and some of us are still treating Google’s search bar as more of a fetch tool than a search tool?

Some countries’ search trends and ‘most searched phrases’ can be a time capsule that describes early fascinations with the Internet. Phrases such as, “What is Paypal” in Slovakia or  “How to blog” in Nigeria, make the list in these countries where the World Wide Web is just now reaching the masses.

Download the PDF HERE, and go fish for your next million dollar phrase that pays :-).

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