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Rearview Welcomes New IT Analyst, Miles Hollis!

April 14, 2016



FAVORITE WEBSITE: Maybe this is cheating, but I’m going to go with StumbleUpon. It’s perfect for discovering new sites that fit your interests.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: A big favorite of mine is the Marietta Diner. You get ridiculous amounts of food, the cakes are crazy good, and I still haven’t even come close to trying everything they have.

HULU OR NETFLIX: I think Netflix is the clear winner these days, original content, massive library, and no commercials. If I valued staying up to date with what’s on television then maybe I’d think otherwise.

WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FOR $1.00: Most likely a cup of coffee if I can get a good deal!

FAVORITE BRANDING CAMPAIGN: Cards Against Humanity. The design of the site and product are so simple and straightforward, and it’s a sharp contrast to the craziness that ensues when you play the game.


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