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Set Your Brand Apart, Create Customer Loyalty

October 8, 2020

Set your brand apart and create customer loyalty with a brand guide

With your own Brand Style Guide (with examples!)

There’s incredible value in creating and maintaining brand recognition. To do that, you’ll need to establish a strong, memorable, consistent brand. A brand guide is a document that does just that, with only a small investment of time up front for huge savings on design time in future projects. Your brand is more than colors and a logo, it’s a statement about your company’s mission and intent. When it’s consistent, people can point to it and say “that’s what this company is about” – it gives people a touchstone to come back to. To attract and keep more clients, a brand guide codifies your brand and makes it stronger and more consistent – and it’s easy to distribute to anyone who needs it – from new hires to outside designers. So how does a brand guide benefit your business?

a brand guide with colors and logos
Equip Inside and Outside Designers

First and foremost, a brand guide gives everyone – your internal designers, outside designers that you hire, and companies that you collaborate with – a set of standards to use when representing your brand. It lays out your typefaces and colors, but it covers much more than that. A brand guide illustrates proper logo placement, margins, brand voice, and even gives direction on how to use your logo when the standard options aren’t available. This means that any time a customer interacts with your brand, even if your logo isn’t front and center, even if your designers didn’t touch the collateral, they’ll be able to recognize that it’s you. Brand recognition builds trust, and trust begets loyalty. That means more return customers for you.

a stylebook with details
Prevent Problems Before They Start

Your logo color (and your preferred typefaces, and the margins for your logo – etc) is always the one listed in your brand guide. “Well what about on a black background?” – it’s in the guide. “What if we’re using the condensed logo?” – right there in the guide. A good brand guide covers contingencies and heads off issues before they appear. Save time for yourself and anyone who works with your brand, and establish that hallmark of true quality; consistency.

the messaging section of a brand guide
Set Your Brand Story in Stone

A brand guide lets you quickly and easily bring someone up to speed on your brand story and voice. A description of your company mission and vision are perfectly suited for your guide and will help everyone, from new hires to outside consultants, get your voice right consistently. If you want a serious tone, something more playful, or a mix of both, you can make that clear in your guide. You’ve worked hard to develop a company narrative (and if you need help with that, Rearview Advertising is more than happy to talk it over with you), spread your brand story quickly, clearly, and consistently to everyone who needs it with a brand guide.

Your Business, Bigger and Better

Stand apart from your competition, and draw customers to your brand and products. A strong, consistent brand works in multiple ways to improve your business – and a brand guide makes it so simple to keep everything straight across channels. We build and strengthen brands for our clients every day – find out what makes a Rearview-developed brand guide unique. Call us and find out how your business can grow with a strong, distinct, consistent brand.

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