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Making Social Media Graphics to Get Results

October 30, 2020

making social media graphics to get results

With a significant bang for your buck, it pays to invest in social media. Being a visual medium, social media graphics are a huge component of your success here. Today we’re bringing you five quick tips from Rearview Graphic Designer Ariana for making social media graphics to get real results!

social media graphics for results include everyday ones like these

Know Your Basics

When you’re making graphics for social media, it comes down to using your creativity within certain boundaries.

1. As always, your brand guide should factor in heavily – logo placement and sizing, colors, and the general feel of your imagery may be informed by your guide.

2. Also, the sizing and measurements of your canvas play a big part. What would be seen perfectly on an 8.5”x11” sheet of paper will not be as legible on a phone screen – each platform; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, has their own set of ideal sizes. Get that information before starting on your graphic.

Work Smarter With Templates

Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator take training to use correctly – for non-designers who need a graphic quickly, there is a better way!

3. Online apps like Canva allow anyone to create unique designs with existing templates. For a truly unique, high-quality graphic, you may want to work with a designer to create a custom template that fits your brand. With a handful of these templates, your social media feed will be cohesive and gorgeous – and totally on-brand.

Contact us to find out more about getting your own custom, branded social media templates!

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easily recognizable branding on social media graphics

Make it Recognizable and Shareable

Consistency and engagement are the name of the game here.

4. Choosing one element to use in all (or most) of your graphics is a good idea. Be it a color scheme, a set of illustrations, or even just the positioning of your logo, this can help create cohesion and brand recognition across your whole feed.

5. Create shareable content, like images with creative quotations or infographics that would be of interest to your customers, and your brand could start spreading with only that up-front effort from you!

The Easiest Way

We apply these tips to our own social media strategy – and we love doing the same for our clients. Working with Rearview Advertising means you’ve got a high quality social presence. Attract return customers, create brand loyalty, and more – contact us to find out how Rearview Advertising can help you make the best of your company’s social media.

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