Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

January 15, 2020

Take your email marketing to the next level

You’re ready to level up your customer relationship management game. You’ve picked a CRM system, collected email addresses from your existing software, and maybe you’re even sending regular email campaigns already. But for whatever reason, your email performance is just not hitting the mark. Or maybe you know you would see great returns on sending emails to potential customers… but it seems like too much to manage. Whether you’re using Pardot with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Lasso, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, or any other email automation platform – you need to build a good foundation to get great results in email marketing. Here are the fundamentals you need to take full advantage of your email marketing.

Content is King in email marketing

Content is King

How do you get more opens? You create content worth opening. Each subject line should be precision-engineered to get potential customers interested. This may be your only chance. Don’t waste it on something like “learn more about our widgets.” Create a subject line and preview text to show how opening this email will improve your readers’ lives. 

Once they open, you’ve only won a third of the battle – now you have to keep their interest. Design is key in this stage because you’re showing your future customer exactly what they’re interested in – even if they didn’t know it yet. Then, give them some content with staying power – something that will make them think. 

Finally, wrap everything up with a killer call to action. Create a button they can’t miss with an irresistible CTA and you’ll have them right back on your website.

Intelligent Management

You may have solid gold emails going out on a regular basis, but your open rates start dropping off. Even worse, you notice that you’re racking up a larger number of  “undeliverable” responses – not good. Content may be king, but the queen secretly running everything behind the scenes is list management. Good content means nothing if it’s being sent to the wrong audience. Regularly scrub the people who don’t open your emails. Ensure that you’re attracting a good flow of people signing up who really do want to see what you’re sending them, and your CRM investment will be a sound one.

Automation makes your email marketing effective

Time to Automate

It’s time to put it all together. The list, the content, all of your work depends on an intelligent drip campaign. This crucial step is where automation comes into play. A good drip campaign is meticulously planned, thoroughly thought out, and well-choreographed. You have to plan your deliveries to boost engagement, capture attention, and re-engage the unengaged. Plan your drip campaign right, and everything else you’ve created will pay dividends. 

Ace the Fundamentals

These key elements are the foundations of a successful email marketing campaign. Does this still seem like a lot? Rearview Advertising has the experience to take your email marketing to the next level. We’ll create stellar design, intelligent content, and moving calls to action. We can help ensure your list is healthy and also set up drip campaigns that almost think for themselves. The goal is to take potential customers through a top-notch email experience. We can do all of this on the platform you already use, or recommend a solution that fits your organization. Don’t get stuck in the email-sending grind. Level up your email marketing with Rearview.

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