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Is Trying to Balance Your Marketing Driving you Nuts?

November 10, 2020

is trying to balance your marketing driving you nuts?

It’s time to take your marketing to the next level. A balanced marketing approach will help you meet your goals – coverage on a variety of paid and organic platforms gives you a number of tangible advantages (that we explore below!). But, before you jump in there are some pros and cons to consider.

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Pro – All of Your Bases are Covered

With a balanced strategy, you’ve got all oars in the water. That is, you are active in all of the channels that are important to your business. With a presence on paid search (Google, Bing, etc.) paid social ads, organic social media plan, email campaigns, content strategy, and a stellar website to pull it all together, your marketing channels create a flow of leads and communication with your clients that offers continuing returns on your investment.

Con – Lots of Plates to Spin

Keeping all of those efforts fed, though, is a potential downside. When you’re a small in-house team – or just a single person – it may be difficult to get the efficacy you need to make those channels flow. Partnering with a full service agency, however, can spread the tasks out to a broader team, one that understands your business model and your goals without draining your payroll.

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Pro – Adapt and Expand Increasing Returns

A balanced approach to these channels doesn’t mean level spending across all channels. Of course channel performance will vary based on product and services offered, and striking a balance between them means extracting the best performance for each based on its ability to deliver for the offering at hand. A marketing partner like Rearview provides feedback and recommendations for adjustments based on both qualitative and quantitative data. When one channel becomes hot, and another cold, you’re ready to match pace with the changing tides.

Con – Laying Enough Groundwork

There’s a time investment up front to get a balanced marketing strategy off the ground. First, you’ll need to do triage on your marketing and find out what needs attention. Your website and your branding should be solid before you move on to picking channels. With an experienced marketing team on your side, this step is a breeze. We can help create a site that drives results, and an appealing, lasting brand – then we’ll do the research to see which channels work best for your company.

Pro – Excellent Coverage

One of the biggest pros of a balanced marketing strategy is that you can be everywhere your customers are! Serve ads in search, then retarget previous visitors on social. Invite them into your mailing list and onto your social media pages – your brand will get so much exposure that they won’t be able to ignore you. That means more customers coming through your marketing loop, and more opportunities to make conversions.

Build Balanced Marketing, With Confidence

Pros and cons come with the territory when you’re building a balanced marketing plan – but working with an experienced marketing team makes it easier. Call Rearview Advertising to get a free 30-minute coaching session. Bounce your ideas off a marketing partner with experience and the data to tell you where the best bang for your next buck will come from.

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