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Getting Stellar Results From Fast Print Collateral

October 22, 2020

getting stellar results from fast print collateral

You don’t have time to do it wrong.

You know the scenario. A business owner or marketing manager is putting together an open house, and they need various kinds of print material; banners, brochures, as well as a special gift for attendees. They decide on a branded desk calendar so the business can stay top-of-mind after the event. The design team finishes the layouts for all of these pieces a month before the event, and the marketing manager wastes no time in finding a printer to take care of the collateral.

She needs these items quickly, so she goes for the option she thinks is most convenient. An online printer promises the quickest turnaround time, and all she has to do is upload her files and confirm that everything is accurate. A week and a half later, she’s excited to receive shipment of her items. She opens the boxes to inspect the prints and…

A marketing manager confused that her fast collateral print items were not quality

Something is wrong with nearly every one.

The brochures look okay, except that the color is odd and she can tell the margins are off just a bit. Then on page 2 it gets even worse, one of the words in her copy is cut off. The banners are acceptable, but look a little cheap. And the calendars… she requested the heavier weight paper for a quality feel, but the colors have printed wrong on this new paper too – they’re strangely oversaturated. It’s almost as if the online printer knew how to print on vinyl, but not on heavyweight paper.

A marketing manager talking to her mentor about getting fast print collateral

Snatching Success From Defeat

She sat at her desk for a few hours, trying to work and accept that the materials came out wrong, but she knew that these print items were unusable. Unsure of what to do, with the event only two and a half weeks away, she called her mentor to vent.

They talked for a while about how this online print shop messed up her order. The shop doesn’t offer refunds, and will reprint her order at half price – but what good would that do? The shop would likely still not know how to reprint her items correctly, and the re-done pieces may not even arrive in time. They talk it out, and eventually her mentor says that she herself has been in almost this exact situation with an event before.

She remembers the event her mentor is talking about, it was great – it went off without a hitch. She might even still have the branded notebooks they gave out. What happened and how was it so successful?

Her mentor reveals that she reached out to an agency that understands print after her original order was ruined. The agency immediately jumped on the project. They worked with her design team to get the files right. Their team paid close attention to the details, asking for original files so they could tweak the design for print. They matched the colors in the company logo and got the correct values for her print medium so the color would be 100% consistent on the final products. Finally, “and this was the secret,” she said, the agency worked with a local print shop so they could get high quality prints for the best price really quickly.

A marketing manager excited about her nice print collateral

Amazing Results, Dependable Partners

The marketing manager took this advice to heart, and called the advertising agency. They were just as prompt, attentive, and courteous as her mentor said they’d be, and she got her prints a few days before the event. Opening the box, every piece was gorgeous. She checked them from back to front, and there wasn’t a single flaw – the agency had made sure of it. She set everything up on the day of her company’s open house with full confidence, knowing her brand was well represented with seamless signage and collateral.

Print Done Right with Rearview Advertising

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