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Create Email Content to Wow Your Readers

April 28, 2021

how to create email content to wow your readers

Better Leads, Repeat Business, and Higher Interest

Maintain strong connections with clients and customers, generate high-quality leads, and keep them coming back for more. These are a few of the goals of email marketing, and every week we send off email content for multiple clients – some of them getting daily treatments. Needless to say, we have turned email content ideation and creation into both an art and a science. Today we wanted to share with you how we create compelling email content, so you can run to your CRM of choice and start driving contact with your subscribers. If you already know how it all works, and you already know it’s not something for your team to handle – reach out to Rearview Advertising. We can help you with everything from strategy to execution.

The SEM team creating emails and other content

Mine Your Existing Content

Write emails that expand on ideas, while linking to the original content. This works for so many platforms and expands the value of content efforts like blog posts, social posts, Pinterest boards, and more. You spend time, effort, and money on content – get the most out of it by adapting it wherever you can, including in your marketing emails.

turn new developments into new content

Turn New Developments Into New Content

Find ways to brag on your business or your clients. New developments and accolades make for interesting email fodder. What makes what you’re doing exceptional? The people you do it for? Surface those things and it’ll surprise your readers. A few examples of topics and preheaders that might be used in such emails follow:

“A recent report shows our customers have the highest satisfaction rate in the Metro area!”
“We’re opening a new office in Cobb county, join us at The Battery for tacos and sushi!”
“IT Manager Kurt Elwood ran his first marathon over the break, here’s what else we’ve been up to!”

And even though something might be old news to you, regular reminders are important. For example, we occasionally feature a homebuilder client’s new online tour scheduling tool so that new subscribers and old can recall what makes our client unique. Plus, you can always tease at upcoming events, releases, or news you might not want to fully disclose today. The beauty of email is that it can be a drip or a pour – as long as you’re in the inbox with something interesting, you’re on the reader’s mind.

Dig Deeper and Unearth Even More

Did you know that your customers are already generating content for you? Google Analytics will show you how users interact with your site. The most popular pages, pages with the longest time on site; these have what users are interested in or looking for. Serve these to readers the right way in an email and you’ll practically hear them saying “wow!”. Also, contact channels like web forms and social media pages serve a similar purpose, but work in a more direct way. Customer questions make for good email content – you can answer the more common ones (or interesting uncommon ones) in front of your subscribers, but be sure not to use names or unique identifiers.

Consistent, Exciting Content

There’s always something to raise your subscribers’ eyebrows – and always a reason for new readers to sign up to your email list. But between generating ideas, writing, scheduling, and researching new tools and techniques – taking your email marketing to the next level requires focused work. We can help level up your email marketing, generating better leads, repeat business, and higher interest in your products. It’s easy to get started, reach out to Rearview Advertising and talk to an email marketing expert today.

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