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Level Up Your Website: 3 Ways to Grow Your Leads Online

May 19, 2021

Level Up Your Website: 3 Ways to Grow Your Leads Online

No matter what vertical you work in – you know you could be using your website to grow more leads and better business. Maybe you’re weeding your digital marketing strategy right now and need a few tips to keep in mind, or maybe you need help growing your lead gen efforts in the right direction. Either way, here are 3 proven methods we use to help clients grow more quality leads online.

Grow organic traffic to grow leads online

Search Engine Optimization: Growing More Organic Traffic

SEO needs constant maintenance – that means regular review of your keyword rankings and cleaning up any intra-site issues weekly or monthly. It’s just like weeding a garden.

  • A large amount of regular SEO work is in the nooks and crannies of your site – alt tags on photos, intra-site links in content, and headings and subheadings hold plenty of opportunity for improvement.
  • By that same token, every piece of content across the site needs SEO optimization – from the front page to your blog articles.
  • There’s also potential for SEO optimization outside your site, and you can control it! Linking to your site and writing with keywords in mind on social media is an easy way to add a little extra (and great SEO is always lots of little improvements that add up.)

Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization: Plant Landing Pages That Convert

Make sure the lander copy and imagery are compelling. Copy should speak to user problems or deliver exactly what you promise in your ad. Imagery is most effective when it’s consistent – keep it similar to your ad for the best result. The most important element, though, is tracking and adaptation. Watch what happens via an analytics platform like Google Analytics when people land and make changes to help them reach your goal. Some improvements could include moving CTA buttons further up on the page, breaking up or reducing copy, and adding contact options. We create landing pages that convert in exactly this way – call us and we can talk about your goals, and how a campaign and lander can help meet them.

Bread, like a harvest of organic traffic

User Experience Optimization: Make the Harvest as Smooth as Possible

As with landing pages, the best way to convert all across a website – and get the return on your lead growing efforts – is to give visitors what they want as smoothly as possible. After all, planting the seeds to build an audience isn’t enough if they click away as soon as they get to your site because they can’t get what they’re looking for. Using analytics, you can monitor stats like time on site, entry and exit points, time on page, and all kinds of other factors. Each page on your site has the potential to be a landing page – optimization best practices apply pretty much everywhere!

An Easier Way to Grow More High-Quality Leads Online

We use these tactics to help every search engine marketing client that comes through the door. You can use them yourself – but you can save time by working with Rearview Advertising. We keep up with it all so you don’t have to. Call us to talk about generating quality leads for your business!

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