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Quickly Level Up Your Facebook Presence – Step by Step

March 17, 2021

step by step guide levle up your facebook presence

Boosting for Engagement – From New Eyes to Potential Customers

What would you do with a bigger, more engaged audience? Step by step, we’re going to show you how to get better results and boost your presence on Facebook with just a little input and Facebook’s most accessible ad tool – the boosted post. First step – when you boost, do NOT let Facebook choose your goal for you! For the results you want, you’ll need to decide for yourself which route to take – and exactly where your ad dollars are going to go. Here’s our guide for getting more attention to your brand – and to pulling in users all across the funnel with your page.

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Focus on Your Business Goals.

There are three manual boost options to choose from – and only two that are really worth your time and money.

  • “Get more people to like, comment, and share” gets people to engage with your boosted post. In the short term, engagements are great – but you want long-term results. When you choose this goal, you need to check your notifications regularly throughout the duration of the boost. Anyone who engages with the post can be invited to like the page – helping you create a larger audience for all your organic Facebook posts.
  • “Connect and chat with potential customers” invites users to message the page – it’s that simple! With this option, the major benefit is that you can set three premade messages for them to send. That means you can help them start the conversation – all an interested user has to do at first is click. It’s a great way to use your Facebook presence for stimulating conversation.
  • The third boost option is for link clicks – but actual ads are much better suited to a goal like link clicks, because you can choose to optimize Facebook Ads for landing page views, which requires someone to actually stick the landing before it registers as a completion (that is, they stay on the page you want them to visit for more than three seconds). We won’t be covering link clicks here – that’s a topic better left to a conversation with one of our Facebook Ads specialists. Reach out for a quick, free coaching session on the subject.

Steps for Each Goal

If you’re looking for engagement and followers, here’s how to use the goal “Get more people to like, comment, and share”

  • First, choose or create your post content. Think engaging and shareable (of course). Interesting images of products, descriptions of features, and even relatable personal anecdotes (relevant to your product or business) are all effective. Post to Facebook or schedule your post as usual.
  • Then, click the “Boost Post” button on the post, and start your boost. Under “Objective,” you’ll find “Automatic” is the default setting – click “Change” and choose “Get more people to like, comment, and share”
  • Then customize your boost – you can choose button text and a URL or message option for your button. You can also choose a custom audience – either one you’ve already created or one from the list Facebook automatically generates. Then choose your placements – we find that automatic placements suffice for boosts, unlike true Facebook Ads.
  • Then, select your duration and budget. You’ll see that with more money, you can boost for longer and reach more people. We recommend you boost for a minimum of 4 days.

If you’re looking to get direct messages to your Facebook page, here’s how to use the goal “Connect and chat with potential customers”

  • First, choose your content. Ask a question that invites a direct answer, or posit a common complaint or situation that your product or business addresses. Think of anything that would get someone interested to reach out and talk to your business.
  • This is the key step in this process, next you’ll choose the messages that users see when they click to message you. First, there’s the welcome message – it can be anything from a simple hello to a very short intro for your product. Then, you’ll choose three default messages users can pick from! These should stimulate conversation – so questions like “how do I get financing?” or “where can I use this?” or anything else that might potentially interest a customer is appropriate.
  • As an example of the effectiveness of this method, one of our homebuilder clients actually gets a massive response any time they boost a post, angling for messages. We often come in to see 10-15 messages in their inbox after a boost – giving them plenty of new leads straight from their presence on Facebook.

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Finally, you’ll send your boost out into the wild – make sure to respond to anyone who engages with your content! You need to nurture the connections you’ve invited – that’s how you build a strong, invested audience and presence on Facebook. Invite users to like the page and communicate with any interested customers, and soon your efforts will truly pay off. Want to learn more about boosts, ads, and other tactics for getting the most out of organic social? Reach out to us today and have a free chat with a marketing expert!

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