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Using Hotjar Analysis to Take Your Website to The Next Level

March 30, 2021

using hotjar analysis to take your website to the next level

How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

It’s not quite reading the thoughts of your best customers – but it can come close. Hotjar is a tool that lets you visually record user activity on your website for a period of time, allowing for analysis after the fact. You can see how a user moves their mouse, how fast they scroll, where they idle on the page to linger or read, and where and how they click. It’s a powerful tool in your digital marketing toolkit – and nothing compares when it comes time to overhaul and optimize your website. Combined with a robust analytics backbone, you can truly take your site to the next level with a tool like Hotjar. Here’s how we use this program to optimize a client’s site for campaigns, landing pages, and whole-site overhauls.

hotjar plus analytics logo - hotjar and data analysis is a match made in heaven

In Combination with Analytics

For campaigns that direct to the site – whether from organic social posts or paid advertisements anywhere on the web – analytics are a must-have. We combine Hotjar data with your analytics platform – be it Google, Facebook, etc – for the best analysis. Data from analytics can inform us as to what triggered a user session (such as where a user clicked into a site from), and then Hotjar can tell us what similar users did when they landed. Data from Hotjar is a great way to see what imagery or messaging works – if a user stops somewhere on your site to read or look, you know it’s good – and it’s something you might consider using in an ad.

Leveling Up Landing Pages

Hotjar really shines when it’s time to optimize a landing page. Using the program, we check to see what users do when they first land on the page; where they hover, what they click, and where they scroll straight past. This analysis can help us determine the best placement for elements – and it raises phenomenal user experience (UX) questions. For example: do we want a bigger button? Should there be a nicer picture to click? Does the page need less text? Seeing user behavior in this way is the next best thing to asking a user in person “what would make you click this button?”

a team analyzing a website

Taking a Whole Site to the Next Level

The key to a site that meets your goals is UX, and with Hotjar we have 1:1 insight into the UX of your site. We can apply similar principles as on a landing page to any page on your website, watching how minute changes to the layout affect the path to your goal – be it user education, contact, or something else. Real, visual feedback shows us how to manage positioning, sizing, or placement for every element across the entire site – leaving your users with a much better experience (and you with a more effective, efficient website).

Discover the Results of Real Analysis

Find out what you’ll get from insights like these – Rearview Advertising can help! Landing pages, checkout experiences, and the rest of your site can all be made better with the right analysis. Reach out to us today to find out how to make your site a more effective tool, you’ll get a free session with a marketing specialist.

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