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The New Google Business Profile – What Changed?

December 30, 2021

Google My Business (GMB), now Google Business Profile (GBP), is a platform providing a golden opportunity for local SEO. You get to control what Google says about you – in your web listing, on maps – and you get to directly tell Google what your company is all about by filling out your listing and making posts. We’re almost two months into the switch from GMB to GPB, and some key points are still in the process of changing. One big change is still coming in 2022, so without further ado let’s get into what changes we’ve seen so far, and what we will see very soon.

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Easier Management for Basics?

For business owners with one location, the basics of your Google Business Profile theoretically just got easier to manage. Now, rather than tinkering on the back end of Google’s system, quick updates to hours, phone numbers, and more can be made right in your search results. The idea is that all you need to do is search your business while logged into the Google account that has access to your listing, and click “Edit your business information”. Some confusion enters as Google has made these same points addressable when you’re in their Google Maps product. You’ll have to choose which place you feel more comfortable making adjustments in, and the user interface is completely different between the two. Of course, for more advanced management, or businesses with multiple locations, Google Business Profile Manager still has the full tool suite you’ll need for success.

Google Stopping a Service in 2022

That does bring us to the big change for 2022 – the official Google My Business management app will no longer be available. Google has announced that they’re shuttering that service so profile management, on mobile or on desktop, can take place in search and maps. What this means is that some users may find advanced management more difficult on mobile – so the desktop Google Business Profile Manager web app will likely be the go-to for power users.

Ongoing GBP Issues

Issues related to profile management are ongoing, but nothing particularly related to the update. Suspended Google Business Profiles are being reinstated and immediately re-suspended, legitimate reviews aren’t appearing in listings, and some businesses are having trouble updating phone numbers, along with other continuing issues as reported by digital trade outlets. Google is aware of these problems, and often the only recourse is to reach out directly to them for a back-and-forth. But, ongoing personnel issues in their support centers mean that support consistency may be spotty, and anyone who reaches out may need to repeat themselves to multiple agents.

Make the Most of Your GBP

Your Google Business Profile still presents a great opportunity to bolster your local SEO, with a variety of features to let you tell Google and the world what your company is and does. The transition to GBP is Google’s attempt to simplify updates to the most basic profile information, but the need for more involved management remains if you want to get the most out of your profile. Review monitoring, management of multiple locations, and resolution of ownership requests or duplicate listings call for a practiced eye – and it all works better with a team monitoring your listings. Find out how you can make the most of your Google Business Profile, talk to an expert at Rearview Advertising to find out how your listing can provide even greater benefit to your business.

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