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Diving Into Facebook Ads With an Atlanta Agency

August 19, 2021

diving into facebook ads with an atlanta agency

Jumping into Facebook Ads on your own as a marketing manager is a bit like free-diving for gold coins. With no extra oxygen, you go below the surface, look around, come back up and try to regroup, then dive back down and hope everything is as you left it. Working on Facebook Ads with our agency, however, is like having a whole suite of tools to make it easier to find the gold. You can take your Facebook Ads game to the next level with go-to strategies, killer content, and deep-dive reporting – all with a trusted agency partner nearby (in Atlanta, GA instead of a call center half a world away) who can answer any question you have about Facebook Ads.

Take a look and find out how you can walk (or swim) away with solid gold customers, without missing any of those golden opportunities that might slip back to the bottom.

scuba diver with the right tools

How This Atlanta Agency can Help With Your Facebook Ads


  • We can help map out who you’re looking for, where they can be found, and work with you on what kind of messaging best resonates with them.
  • We go beyond a “lookalike audience” Hail-Mary, and put you in touch with real leads.
  • We’ll help ensure your money isn’t lost to automated placements, using our extensive experience in social media advertising.

Relevant Content

  • We know metropolitan markets and beyond, so we can create great content for your target audience.
  • Get great photo and video content from our in-house studio space and photo/videography team.
  • Create a variety of branded graphics for any ad set, including animations.
  • We can also provide fresh ad copy and polish for existing copy, helping amplify your brand voice throughout your market.


  • A post-dive debrief will let you find out how all your ads are doing on a regular, scheduled basis, with custom reports tailored to your goals.
  • We’re happy to jump on a call, or host a visit to our office to discuss your business goals and performance in-person.
  • Up-to-the-minute reporting is available at your request anytime.

A Local Ads Team That’s Always There

We’re right here with you – literally. We have an in-house studio space for product photos, meeting rooms so you can visit with us face-to-face, and a team that often visits client locations to get the total lay of the land for their products. With an office here in Atlanta, our company culture is steeped in the wide variety of people and personalities you find in the metro area. Working with us is like having a local friend on speed dial who’ll help you build incredible Facebook Ads.

Meet Rearview Advertising

For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping businesses across Georgia and beyond succeed at their marketing goals – including everything from local homebuilders to national brands. We do so by standing behind and supporting their efforts, so they can shine. We work as an extension of our clients’ teams, with decades of experience, knowledge, and skill put at their disposal.

Your toolset is deep and wide when you work with us – and Facebook Ads are a favorite area where our Atlanta agency can help take your business to the next level in a variety of ways. Reach out to Rearview Advertising today, find out how we can help you shine when it’s time to dive into Facebook Ads.

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