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Socialize Your Ads

July 27, 2018

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Ever wonder why you keep hearing about social media and its impact on just about everything? Simple. Because it’s growing and evolving faster than ever. Social media has also become a vital component in digital marketing as each platform offers robust targeting capabilities and creative solutions to reach any and all audiences. We shared 4 social trends, and now Rearview presents how to Socialize Your Ads.

Open Your Options

Your creative is attention-grabbing, your content is compelling, so why limit your advertising substance? Use your creativity to help you socialize your ads. Meet your audience where they are more than just a consumer. Reach them where they share their life, their experiences, and interests. What’s more, other brands are using social ad platforms while you’re still debating if you should. In a recent eMarketer study, Facebook’s Q1 2018 ad revenue rose 50% year over year, proving that, amidst public scrutiny and security concerns, advertisers have not slowed their efforts on the platform, and users continue to engage. In fact, despite concerns, 73% of survey respondents reported using Facebook daily, up from 70% in 2016, and 32% said they were daily Instagram users (up from 21% in 2016).

Do Your Research

You’re not like other brands, but how does anyone know if you don’t tell them? From retail to B2B, there is a formula for social success so find your platform based on your objective. Want to raise awareness? Focus your efforts on Twitter and Facebook where you can shout your brand to the masses. Want to drive sales? Use Instagram and Pinterest to inspire users with beautiful imagery enticing users to want and choose you. Once you establish your platform strategy, find your people! Each platform comes fully equipped with robust targeting capabilities. Use broad interest targeting to put your brand at the top of mind or apply historical actions from your website to target users who have engaged and trust your brand.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Just like socializing personally, you want to put in beautification time and make a good first impression when you meet your audience on social media. You don’t want your target to scroll right over your content, so after you do your research on who you want to reach, put on your best face and make their Facebook feed pause on your brand’s posts. Remember to take advantage of creative testing as you socialize your ads. See which type of content generates preferred interaction and test each platform’s campaign objective for efficiency.

Work the Party

The audience is gazing at your painted face, and now that you have their attention, make sure you can keep the conversation going. If you reach the right person at the right time, the stars can align for your KPI, but you can’t let it stop there. Your ad targeting and content did their job, and now you can turn a “like” into a loyal customer with an extended (positive) user experience. Want traffic to your blog? Drive users to the blog post you’re referencing. Have a sale going on? Take users to the sale product page! Reduce the friction from social platform to action, and your audience will thank you for it with brand dedication.

Let Us Help

We know finding your voice and shouting it to the world via socialization can be tough, but we are here to be your wingman when it comes to social media management and advertising.  We’ll help you define your objective, target your users and elevate your brand; all you have to do is contact us!

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