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Facebook Targeting | Rockhaven Case Study

November 14, 2018

Facebook Targeting | Rockhaven Case Study

The Ask

Rockhaven Homes needed to increase site traffic and time spent on site driven from social media initiatives for each of their unique communities around Metro Atlanta.

The Answer

To reach the right home buyer type, Rearview knew we needed to narrow Rockhaven’s audience. In doing so, our goal was to move them down the home-buying funnel. In the past, broad targeting was effective in drawing a large volume of buyers viewing Rockhaven’s community listings. Now, by using the information Rockhaven’s website finds about potential home buyers, we were able to develop an audience closely resembling them on Facebook. Setting our sights on both retargeting and look-alike audiences was a vital component in qualifying the social user to be a valuable lead in the home buying process.


The Proof

As a result of the Cambridge Analytica breach, several targeting options were becoming a thing of Facebook’s principles’ past. These include Facebook targeting parameters commonly used by social media advertisers such as income and purchase behavior. At the same time, interests cast too wide of a net. Rearview took advantage of the Rockhaven Facebook pixel and large existing site visitor pool. While this retargeting audience was sizable, we wanted to make sure we also found new home buyers who weren’t already familiar with Rockhaven Homes’ brand.

By expanding the retargeting audience to identify look-alike users who have shown similar interests and behaviors to Rockhaven’s site visitors, we were able to reach a new, untapped audience who were more qualified than those in the previously utilized, broad interest and demographic groups.

Focusing our ad serving to these two segments, Rockhaven Homes was able to better the quality of people coming to their site from social channels. From July to August, their Facebook campaign was able to successfully track and increase their online traffic significantly. Here are the numbers:

We Have Great Aim

Through retargeting and audience development, we were able to zero in on a qualified, actionable target pool of Facebook users. Furthermore, this identifying tactic resulted in substantial site traffic growth and interest in Rockhaven Homes. Want to find your people? Contact us on how we can help!

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