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Make Your New Home Feed Work for You

December 13, 2018

Zillow New Home Feed

Zillow New Home Feed

Our status as one of the first Zillow Group Advantage Program partners comes from several years of working with Zillow on behalf of our clients. During this time, we’ve helped new construction clients increase the feed scores of their specs and plans. As a result, our clients realize the value of creating custom feeds to connect their website with their listings. Discover how you can make your new home feed work for you and create a seamless experience for homebuyers in your market.

Think Smarter

Your website is the face of your company. That’s why it makes sense for all the information about your new home listings to originate there. The next step is to marry the data on your website with Zillow Group’s websites. This is where our team at Rearview Advertising can help.

Creating a website data feed not only eliminates a lot of double entry, it also enhances the listings and floor plans that are on Zillow for users of their website and app,” said Nick Mracek, Marketing Manager at Rearview Advertising.

The custom feed ensures data carries over for all your listings. This includes photos, videos, and other information about the home. It also allows you to easily update pricing, promotions, and other listing information in one place instead of on multiple platforms.

What Zillow Looks for in Quality Listings

When it comes to your listings, Zillow looks to provide homebuyers with the most valuable information possible. Your feed score is based on several factors. These include plan name, address, description, photos, videos, active promotions, and many others. Simply, the goal is to ensure you’re providing homebuyers with a holistic listing about your new construction home and the community it’s in.

“We work with Zillow Group’s New Construction team to increase feed scores and make the direct connection of builder website data to Zillow possible,” said Nick Mracek.

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Stand Out With Your New Home Feed

With several years of expertise in connecting new construction websites and feeds, our team at Rearview Advertising is ready to help you stand out from your competition. Take the next step towards increasing both your brand’s exposure on Zillow’s platforms and leads without the double or triple entry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your new home feed work for you.

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