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Site Launch: Crawford Creek Communities

December 22, 2020

Crawford Creek Communities is a Georgia home builder with a focus on “the big picture” for every community they create. Part of their own big picture, though, needed a change. The Crawford Creek Communities website was not producing leads at its best – and that meant they were missing out on interest and contacts from potential homebuyers. They called on Rearview Advertising to get a site update that would meet their goals of driving contact and creating more interest in their communities – here’s how we delivered a website to do that and much more!’

Generating Interest With Google’s Latest Features

Maybe the most stunning new feature on the site, we added a special function to the points of interest (POI) maps on every community page. Google has launched a new local context feature for Google Maps – and that means we can display real points of interest all around Crawford Creek Communities locations! Every neighborhood now has a robust POI map that doesn’t require manual updates, and includes real information from Google, like reviews and more. This feature will show potential homebuyers everything they’re looking for near the neighborhood!

Cleaner, More Robust Community Pages

Previously, Crawford Creek Communities’ neighborhood pages made it difficult to get information, and for the agents to update listings. Floorplan links went to PDFs or static images, and listings with any pending changes had to be manually updated. Further, photo galleries were difficult to find. Not anymore. Gorgeous home galleries are now readily available on listings and the communities themselves, and the listings automatically update from MLS! Less time spent fiddling with listings means more time talking to potential buyers. And, buyers can now scroll through photos any time they want a quick peek at a community.

Easier to Navigate, Easier to Contact

Finally, we created contact points that would let agents know where buyers were interested, and let buyers connect with an agent from the communities and listings themselves. With easier navigation, better presentation, and contact forms and information front-and-center – Crawford Creek Communities’ new website helps get their work done better than ever. Add brand new features from our developers and Google on top of that, and they have a new site that will serve them well for years to come.

Want a success story of your own, as well as a new website? Contact Rearview Advertising and find out what’s in store for your new year!

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