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Retargeting: Put Eyes Back on You

August 14, 2018

When you begin planning your social media marketing strategy, one of the biggest hurdles is defining your target market. Who are they? What do they do? Here’s one way to refine and pre-qualify individuals.

In our attempt to humanize brands on social, we must also keep in mind that our target is other humans. Of course, we don’t want to think of our audiences as consumers or clients, so we segment and identify our audience’s personas in order to reach them with the right content at the right time. No one likes an ill-fitted ad in their feed.

Be a Familiar Face

One way to find users mid-funnel is to create a retargeting audience. These are users who have engaged with your content previously or visited your site within a certain timeframe. They’re already familiar with your brand and have shown intent, so putting your brand in front of them again will put you at top of mind.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

To avoid exhaustion and frequency fatigue, most platforms offer frequency caps and day-parting. If you’ve looked into your audience insights to see what time they are most active, this may be a good way to make sure your ad dollars are spent at the most efficient time.

Exclude Converters

Another way to make sure your users remain in good spirits with your brand is to exclude converters. Once the user has been to your site and converted where you wanted them to, whether they made a purchase or submitted a form, you’ll want to exclude them from your retargeting list for that specific campaign. This will also help the ads find users who have been to your site but haven’t completed the action you are aiming to receive. Cart abandoners, readers who haven’t subscribed, viewers who haven’t contacted a representative are all examples of the retargeted user who is on the edge of converting but may need some reminders that your brand is the one they want.

Use the Pixel’s Power

By applying the social platform’s pixel to your website, you’ll be able to pinpoint users who have generated brand recognition/interest and follow through on your offers. If you’re in a competitive market, utilizing this strategy can help you gain insight into who your segments are and how you can speak directly to them. Additionally, you can build an audience similar to your current retargeting pool. If you want to broaden your reach and find new users, a lookalike audience identifies users who act similarly and have common interests/behaviors to those you have already distinguished.

Get Eyes on the Prize

All sound good but need a little help establishing your audience definition? We can help! Contact us, and we can set your aim on your retargeting audiences.

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