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How to Accept Social Payments on your Website

May 29, 2013


From our friends at Digital Inspiration.

Web publishers and content creators are experimenting with a cash-less payment model where people can use social networks to pay for premium products like ebooks, songs, discount coupons, research reports, etc.

Say you have written a short ebook on a particular topic. Now instead of asking 99¢ for a copy, you can let anyone download your ebook either in exchange of a tweet, a like on Facebook or a +1 on Google Plus. The buyer makes a public recommendation of your product on a social network and you reward them with a free copy.

Before getting into the implementation, click here for a demo. You can perform a Like, do a +1 or post a tweet and that action will unlock the link to download a PDF file.

Contact us if we can help you set this up.

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