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20th Century Fox’s Logo is a Century Newer – the Creatique

May 31, 2013

Robert Murdoch’s media company News Corporation is expected to complete its separation into News Corp. and 21st Century Fox on June 28, 2013. The name 21st Century Fox is of course an update on the iconic 20th Century Fox, and the logo is quite updated as well. Check out this article from brandchannel which has more of the scoop and shows both new logos. You can also view the new 21st Century Fox animation here.

What do we think?

Not what we would have done. Sure, it’s a different look for the brand but not better. We predict a few revisions coming soon.

Why do we think that?

The font looks too blocky and playful. It seems more appropriate for Seasame Street rather than one of the oldest American film studios.

What do you think?

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