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Build Your Brand With Packaging Redesign

November 11, 2019

Why a Product Packaging Redesign

As a consumer brand, product packaging is one of your biggest (and most creative) opportunities. When shopping through the aisles, what’s first to catch your eye? The price tag? The brand name? According to marketing intelligence group Ipsos, over 72% of Americans agree that product packaging heavily influenced their purchasing choice in 2018. Not only that, but according to WestRock’s survey of consumers, 66% say that they’ve tried a new product strictly based on its packaging.

New Packaging Triggers Purchase

Imagery is crucial. So much so, that even an established brand can benefit from a redesign. Major players in product placement and packaging, like soft drink giants, have long figured out that a refresh will result in a (sometimes much needed) sales bump. For example, classic “throwback” packaging introduced in late 2017 was aligned with 2018 rebounded sales in the soft drink industry. While your product may not change over the years, your audience will change with time. Consumers trend between modern and nostalgic tastes. Strategies to create differentiation, emotion, and excitement takes advantage of these trends. This adds measurable traction to your brand’s awareness and sales.

An easy example of expanding and changing markets is millennials who tend to lean towards paper, cardboard and recyclable packaging. They now represent a market size of 76 million strong, with $1.7 trillion in purchase power. A packaging redesign from plastic to paper could heavily influence your millennial consumer spending. It can solidify your spot in this powerful and lucrative segment, edging out your slow-to-react competition.

What To Know Before Redesigning

While a package redesign can have financial implications in both production and shipping, partnering with the right group with the experience to mitigate risk is key to a successful makeover. Your design should hit all the high points of good packaging; visual appeal, ease of use, ample product protection, and cost-effective production. Updating your brand guide may be necessary to account for new ways to get your product to market, but the guide should still ultimately remain in control of the final reveal.

Avoid consumer confusion by preparing the market in the lead-up time to launch. Take advantage of modern digital marketing and social media with news of your redesign. Keeping your loyal consumers in-the-know, while building excitement for new things to come, will push awareness and positive brand identity.

Client Highlight: Biolyte

Here at Rearview, our team of designers recently partnered with BIOLYTE to complete a packaging redesign of their own. This included a new bottle label, case packaging, and marketing signage and collateral. In order to match BIOLYTE’s new direction, Rearview worked closely with the client to create a brighter, more modernized and clean version of their previous bottle. The result Rearview provided was a fresh, eye-catching, simplified packaging. This new design improved brand association and generated increased demand from both consumers and wholesalers. 

Remember, your product packaging is oftentimes your brand’s first impression. With innumerable benefits, a packaging redesign has the potential to give you the push you need to make your brand creatively stand out. We can help you get there.

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