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Branding for Homebuilders: Level Up Your Message for 2022

August 13, 2021

branding for homebuilders

For homebuilders, it’s the ideal time to focus your efforts and take your marketing to the next level. We’re fast approaching the start of Q4 and on the way out of a summer homebuying season that has left everyone breathless. But this year has proven something out for our own clients: people will pursue homebuying opportunities with you if they really believe in your story. But, stories need to be told intentionally to show your audience and customers they’re working with someone to trust – someone whose integrity is reflected in everything they build. Real details of your story, simply stated driving principles, and thoughtful collateral all add up to strong, lasting homebuilder brand. Here’s how you can use these three elements to forge an image that’ll send your business into 2022 ahead of the competition.

Strengthen Your Brand, Tell Your Story

Your real experiences inform business practices and much more. Sharing the story of how your homebuilder company was born and its growth illustrates those experiences and your values, and it builds trust in your brand.

Who are the big players in the story? Buyers connect with real names and faces. Your founders are a great choice to show for sure, and a staff section on your website with headshots adds even more personality that buyers can connect with.

a homebuilder looking into a bright future with new branding

Use The Power of Principles

More buyers are looking for meaning in their purchases. If you can lay out your homebuilding philosophy and distill your principles into words as succinctly as possible, you’ll have a powerful statement to push in your marketing. Used somewhere prominent, such a statement can act as a guide for your homebuilder marketing and brand voice.

Different from an outright statement, but similar, a company tagline acts as a kind of seal stating your values. It can go everywhere from flyers, to social media, to blogs is another reminder of who you are as a company. Wordsmithing these statements can take finesse – but a creative agency can help nail it down with you.

Give Them Something They Can’t Forget: Collateral

The medium is the message. Physical collateral that’s on-brand and on-message sings – it’s like a chorus of voices talking about your brand. Further than that, the quality of your physical collateral can add to your message.

For example, a high quality folder for all of a homebuyer’s documents creates a touchpoint they’ll return to over and over again – showing that you care about the experience. Or, well laid out print materials can become a valuable resource for a homebuyer comparing floor plans in a neighborhood. And, a custom brochure can paint a powerful image in a homebuyer’s mind of life in the neighborhood.

All of it is a part of the story you tell – and when you continue building trust with thoughtful collateral, you’re right there guiding a buyer toward the goal of a happy ending in a new home.

A Strong Brand Creates a Powerful Voice

Your brand can do more than reach interested buyers – it can build a lasting story for your business that captures anyone in any stage of the homebuying process. By building your unique story, putting your principles front and center, and sending a message with the quality of your collateral, you’re creating a strong relationship with buyers. They’ll be interested in what you’re building – and they’ll be invested in the kind of life they can have in one of your homes.

We develop unique and powerful brand voices for homebuilders of all kinds – putting them way ahead of their competition. It’s the right time to refocus and get your marketing as sharp as can be. Build your brand and take your marketing to the next level for 2022 – reach out to Rearview Advertising to make it easier than ever.

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