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Making an Email Marketing List? Check it Twice!

November 14, 2014


Ho! Ho! Ho! The holidays are upon us now and that means a few extra emails will be sent and received by all. Regardless of the Holiday email marketing push we’re all familiar with these days, email list churn or turnover is always coming to town.

The reality is people change their addresses, get new work addresses, accidentally enter bad data when opting in, or purposely do it to send you off on a wild e-goose chase. Any and all of these can be problematic if you don’t clean your email lists on a monthly or quarterly schedule. Companies that consistently email customers may need to consider doing it twice a month. No matter how often you message customers, here’s 5 reasons to regularly clean your email marketing lists to avoid campaign delivery disasters:

Bouncing emails
Even a single hard bounce can indicate you have an invalid or nonexistent address. An email list with a large number of invalid email addresses can delay delivery for hours and. This can create major headaches. Stay on top of it.

Disengaged email addresses 
Messages sent to these addresses don’t bounce, but neither are they opened. Attempt re-engagement, but if you still don’t get a response, remove them from your list.

Irregular email addresses 
Typos are everywhere – so look for addresses with misspelled top-level domains and missing @ symbols. You might also discover URLs masquerading as email addresses. Enough of this and the majority of your emails will start being filtered into spam or junk folders.

Bogus email addresses 
People and spambots enter bogus addresses for a variety of reasons. These typically include lots of random letters/numbers and usually look a bit off. The old adage “If it feels fake, it probably is” potentially holds its own here.

Embrace Churn
Change is constant so do your best to keep your marketing data fresh. Even a well managed opt-in campaign will experience list churn. So do what you can to protect your email marketing reputation by periodically weeding out problematic addresses from your list. Every 30-45 days is probably a good rule or standard but at minimum once a quarter. Create an event on your calendar so you don’t forget it.

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