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Make Your Business Facebook Page Better | Tips for Tabs

October 6, 2014


You’re certain all those posts will make your Business Facebook page better, but remember other page features are also useful in telling a brand story. When helping clients with social media marketing (SMM) and online presence mgmt (OPM), some brand owners overlook or don’t immediately recognize the importance of structure and appearance when it comes to the messaging touch points available on their Facebook page. What story are you telling?

When new visitors can’t easily find the information they’re seeking about a business, they tend to move on quickly to the next brand. This can result in lost website traffic, reduced engagement opportunities, and a lack of potential new customers. Of course, no business owner or marketing manager wants those things. So when it comes to SMM and OPM they ask us what else can they do to their Business Facebook page to deliver more brand related content.

Details & Differentiators
One thing we recommend to focus on maximizing the potential of your Facebook traffic is customising your Facebook page tabs. That’s right, Tabs. While many brands tend use the “built-in” apps like Pinterest, photos, or a count of how many “Likes” they’ve received, you can also use them to provide more strategic content about your business. Use them to help drive a reader to important details, show them what separates your brand from the competition.

7 Ideas & Tips for Tabs
• Create a call to action for an active promotion running for your business or brand.

• Create additional info links.

• Stronger visual introduction of your business, people, and products. Perhaps similar to creative assets you use on your website.

• Present your values or brand mission to visitors.

• Add some entertaining, editorial, or seasonal content that’s available to use. It should leave a good impression.

• Don’t forget that having a complete profile  (open hours, address, phone, website, and email) setup is always important.

• Facebook Developer skills will definitely help maximize any custom ideas, but they aren’t the same as posting a link on your page. Your time may be better spent elsewhere. Seek help (as needed) to turn your plans into results.

Just Remember
Facebook is always on & open for business, so be considerate of the content posted on your tabs and timeline. Your Facebook page represents your business or brand even when the doors are locked and everyone has gone home for the day. Working with business owners to help them strategically engage and continuously build relationships with their customers are just some of the things we do. Here’s a list of our services. Contact us today if you have questions about how we can help you.

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