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DO’s and DON’Ts of Pinterest

April 14, 2014




1. Use Pinterest, because it is the fastest growing social network. According to DMR at the beginning of March Pinterest had a total of 70 million users. That is a lot of people who could share your company’s work and get it noticed.

2. Use attractive looking images from your website/portfolio, because it entices pinners to click or pin the image, which then links back to your website. Make sure your images are relative to the pin and attractive.

3. Pinners are always pinning which means it is a great way to spread your company’s work and get more clients. Make it even easier for pinners by adding a “pin” button to your website. This allows the pinner to be on your website and pin a portfolio item they like in a matter of seconds, hassle free.

4. Pinterest is full of inspiration. Use it as a tool to help inspire your company to think outside of the box. This is reason enough alone to set your Pinterest account up right now!



1. Pinterest is a visual platform, therefore DO NOT Include paragraphs of text in the description of the image. This tends to take up way too much space on the newsfeed and annoys everyone trying to get their pin on.

2. On the flip side of having too much text, DO NOT post a pin with no description. Make sure you have enough text to entice clients and to show up in the search. It is important to include relevant keywords or hashtags to describe your pin so people find it when searching.

3. DO NOT under any circumstance pin an image that is subpar. Pinterest is all about visual content, but it has to be GOOD content. Do not upload small, pixelated, poorly lit images – this will not get repinned.

4. Be sure to include the “Pin It” button on your Website. This is much easier than having to copying a URL, opening a new tab, going to Pinterest, and pasting the URL into the ‘add a Pin’ option. One click and done. Much simpler for everyone involved.


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