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5 Tips: Your Business Needs a Blog, Not a Blab

August 7, 2014


There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it – blabbering on and on about your business is not so hard to do. However, creating high quality content for your target audience is. Remember that “delivering the goods” on a consistent basis will take time and dedication, but the results will definitely be more rewarding for your readers and your business.

Enjoy the Possibilities

A good blog can deliver improved organic search results and new customer traffic for your business offerings, while equally providing your audience helpful information and insight. The residual benefits of a relevant and productive business blog are increasingly expanding. The possibilities are without a doubt worth some of your marketing budget.

Curb Your Blabbing Enthusiasm

Remember to avoid the easy road of using your brand’s blog as a vehicle to blabber on about your brand’s latest success. You know the “me-me-me” posts about how your company launched a new and improved version of the same product you’ve been selling for years, or started another “good-for-you” partnership with another new vendor, etc, and so on. We should probably talk soon if that sounds similar to most of the blog posts you’ve been writing.

5 Tips, 0 Tricks

Consistently generating creative and engaging content for your blog probably won’t be easy, so with that in mind, we compiled a few tips to assist you in your future blogging endeavors.

1. Every Post needs a Point – Why are you writing about this subject? To whom is it relevant? If you can’t answer these questions about your chosen topic, you may have no point. Find the point.

2. Commit to Create – Being there for your audience to find you when they are seeking help what makes all the effort worthwhile. Without a doubt, consistency and commitment typically require investment but they also tend to encourage and produce outstanding opportunities.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage – We can’t say it enough. Help your audience feel noticed, appreciated and invite them to be involved. Ask for feedback and support the conversation.

4. Let it Shine – Allow your personality to shine through as you work on and develop your blogging skills. This will keep your content fresh and can foster added engagement from your readers. However don’t forget that your blog and business are connected by association so avoid going off the rails and potentially damaging your brand.

5. Do Yourself a Favor – Perhaps you don’t think there’s enough value in blogging to warrant your time or writing just isn’t your thing, well then do your business a favor and consider paying someone to help. Now you can continue working on those things that are more vital to you, the things you do best for your business.


We understand that working to make your blog better will remain challenging for most, but if you want to save yourself time, avoid the stresses of writing, or have related questions about our copywriting services, then contact us or find other professionals to help you.

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