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18 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Graphic Designers on Your List

December 7, 2015



Do you have designers on your list that you’re unsure what to get them for the holidays? Here’s our list of the perfect Holiday gift ideas for the graphic designers, illustrators, and creative people in your life.


  1. Pantone Stationary Set $13.64



Source: Amazon

Give that designer on your list this bold and exciting stationary from Pantone, the authority on color, to add new options to their correspondence.

  1. PigChum USB Hub and Micro SD card reader $30.13



Source: OfficeChums

Brighten up the office with the cutest USB hub around, the momma pig lights up when in use and the piglets detach with snouts that retract to keep their information safe. This USB hub marries form and function.

  1. Gigs 2 Go Tear and Share USB $24.95  $19.95


Source: Gig2Go

This convenient gift is perfect for designers and photographers alike. Made from recycled paper pulp and plastic each flash drive pack is about the size of a credit card it’s a fast way to share large files. There is even an option to add a custom logo onto the flash drives, which is perfect for freelancers.

  1.  Moleskin Color A Month Daily Planners $39.95


Source: Moleskin

Moleskin Color A Month Daily Planners are the perfect gift so that designer friend of yours can stay up to date with all the project on their plate. The 12 individual monthly planners make organizing that much easier, it’s actually the perfect gift for anyone on your list who needs help keeping their daily lives straight and appreciates a nice pop of color.

  1. Helvetica Cookie Cutter $36.74


Source: Etsy

This is for your friend that appreciates this classic typeface but also loves yummy sweets. This set of cookie cutters will fulfill their love of type and if you’re lucky will get you a batch of homemade cookies.

  1. Field Notes 3-Pack $9.95


Source: Amazon

Field Notes are ideal for  taking notes from meetings with clients and creating hand-drawn mockups in one convenient pocket-sized place. They work well as a small secret Santa gift or a stocking stuffer. This particular Field notebook comes with cherry wood veneer covers which add a vintage touch.

  1. Razer Naga Mouse $71.71


Source: Amazon

If the designer on your list is a PC gamer, this mouse is made for them. This mouse is ergonomic, intuitive and is hailed indispensable in gaming forums. But the responsiveness and versatility of this Razer mouse make it an amazing tool for designers of all kinds.

  1. iPad Pro $799.00 and

  2. Apple Pencil $99.00




Source: Apple

These are for the Apple fanatics in your life. The iPad pro and Apple Pencil were created to go hand in hand and are ideal for digital drawing, painting, calligraphy and so much more. The Apple Pencil was created to mimic a pen nib, fountain pen or paint brush when coupled with the iPad Pro.

  1. Adobe Ink and Slide $176.72


Source: The Verge

If the designer in your life already has a standard iPad but still wants to experiment with digital drawing and painting, the Adobe Ink and Slide may be the solution. Their sleek and simple design makes them appear like a natural component for the iPad and ideal for the designer who’s looking to make some mock-ups for a project on the run.

  1. Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse $59.99


Source: Amazon

This a perfect accompaniment to the cherry wood covered Field Notes which will continue the vintage aesthetic. Whether it’s for their laptop or desktop these tools are of fine quality and beautiful; made to stand up to years of use.

  1. Lego Architecture $159.99


Source: Lego

This is a way to allow their inner child show. Regardless of their field of design building and creating is gratifying for any designer.There is a guidebook that allows the builder to see and be inspired by the likes of other great architects.  This set allows for the builder to create a bevy of different kinds of interesting and inspired buildings.

  1. Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills $14.12


Source: Amazon

Every designer will tell you there is so much more to learn no matter how accomplished. This book gives designers an opportunity to sharpen their skills with fun and creative challenges.

  1. Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones $114.95



Source: Amazon

This gift is for when deadlines are near. These headphones are Bluetooth compatible, comfortable and durable, perfect for years of use with a graphic designer. The headphones are able to take calls with a client or be used to listen to their focusing playlist to finish last minute projects.

  1. Bestowed Snack Box Subscription $60 for 3 months


Source: Bestowed

For the hardworking designer, send them healthy and delicious snacks with the Bestowed subscription box. With gluten-free and vegan options this box is perfect for any diet. You have the option to send them 1,3,6 and 12 months worth of boxes.

  1. Pantone Unisex Watch by Ice-Watch $39.99


Source: Pantone

Another exciting gift from the “World Authority on Color” this gift comes in many of Pantone’s iconic colors. These watches are a partnership between Ice-Watch and Pantone which ensures durability and a marriage of color and function.

  1. Derwent Graphik Line Maker Drawing Pens $19.08


Source: Amazon

These pens are perfect for creating intricate designs and make a perfect stocking stuffer. The nibs range from super-fine to broad sizes. Graphik Line Makers are filled with lightfast water-based pigment in Black, Graphite & Sepia all great for hand-drawn mockups. This makes for the designers in your life.

  1. Hand-Lettering for Everyone: A Creative Workbook $10.65


Source: Amazon

With hand-lettering more popular than ever this books gives creative prompts encourage readers to create their own serifs and be creative with typography. Using hand-lettered design and exercises, the book is made for designers, illustrators, doodlers and hobbyists alike. The perfect gift to teach a new skill.


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