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Common Business Acronyms – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

January 15, 2016

common business acronyms Hard to believe we’ve already reached the middle of the first month for 2016. Happy New Year to all and so far, so fast; we hope the same for your business. Recently, we were having a few conversations among our team related to common business acronyms. We discovered that some of the most common business acronyms may not be so well known after all. We think the details below will help you and your business team.

Remember the Time

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a client or somebody on your team means when they use a business acronym you’re not familiar with in an email or text? Some acronyms are industry specific while others can be department specific. It seems that with the popularity and adoption of text-speak that more and more folks are often lost regarding the most common business acronyms in use. They are convenient as long as they don’t create questions, intimidation, or confusion.

Don’t Forget This

The other question we had on this topic is which ones should we try to use when communicating with our clients or at all? As a full-service digital, print, and strategic marketing agency we consistently come upon the latest and greatest, new business acronyms, but we always do our best to make sure we avoid creating any confusion by utilizing them. Occasionally we may drop a few of these in an email or during a phone consult but that’s typically after we have worked to clarify any misunderstandings around these terms of art. Of course, you and your business team will have to answer this behavioral question for yourselves.


Ok so if you weren’t already familiar, the above acronym stands for too long; didn’t read. We hope this ultimate cheat sheet we found helps you decode some of these common business acronyms the next time you see them. Suffice to say, we wanted to share the list with our business friends and clients because when it comes to the use of common business acronyms, we don’t want anyone to feel left out or intimidated. Note: There are quite a few acronyms on this list that even we hadn’t seen before. As the saying goes, “Never stop learning.”

source: themuse.com

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