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Professional Naming Services to Level Up Your Brand

September 14, 2021

Professional naming services to level up your business
What’s in a name? For something that will represent your brand for years, even decades, that’s a question that takes some serious thought. Regardless of whether you need help naming a product, such as a new neighborhood or a new drink flavor, or renaming your entire company, Rearview Advertising offers professional naming services that go far beyond basic brainstorming to level up your brand. We listen to you and put real market research into names for any subject so that your product or brand will ring, resonate, and stick no matter where it appears. Here’s how we create names that take businesses to the next level.

Steps to Naming Greatness

A few questions get everything started. We want to know what kind of product we’re naming, we’ll get a sense of who the target audience is, who you are as a company, and your vision for the product or brand. We listen carefully during this phase – any errant thought could lead to the spark that gets you the perfect name. For some items, you might prefer to send us your request and relevant information via email or over the phone, but our office is open in case an in-person brainstorming session is what’s called for.

After we’ve collected all the relevant information, some serious thought and market research is in order. The team comes together to make connections and talk out dozens of possibilities, drawing on a wide variety of topics to find something that has real meaning and an undeniable draw to it. Depending on your needs, we can even market test potential names, providing real-world feedback on your options.

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Thorough Verification

Once everything is on the table, we narrow down the options. With a shortlist in hand, we dive into official registries and listings, making sure your names are unique and approved for use. We check domain availability, verify that street names meet municipal standards, and confirm that your new product name is one of a kind. Only after intense research, brainstorming, and verification is your shortlist of names ready.

Ultimately, you know your brand better than anyone – and with your final choice, the unique name you pick for your product or company will fit perfectly into your brand story. Let us know what you choose and we can provide support with a domain, product descriptions, logo design, photography, and more.

Create a Well-Crafted Brand

For more than 20 years as an agency, we’ve been providing professional naming services for products and companies. From new home neighborhoods to multinational corporations, we craft each suggestion with care because we know they could represent your brand for years, or even decades. If you need help naming a product, service, or company, reach out to Rearview Advertising. We’ll create a name that sticks, stands out, and amplifies your message.

What’s in Our Own Name?

Rearview Advertising

At our founding, we recognized that behind most successful companies is a team of people working together towards that success. We wanted to be more than a vendor. We wanted to partner with our clients to help build their vision, their dream, and their legacy. So we set out to form the first “backstop”-style agency in our area, an agency that could step in and help keep the many plates spinning that go into successful business marketing; including graphic design, web design, web development, image marketing, video production, and even direct mail (yes, we’ve been around that long). In short, we wanted to be behind the efforts that brought our clients success, filling in everywhere we were needed. Thanks to those efforts, our clients enjoy a great view from the front.

“Image is everything, who’s behind yours” was our launching tagline, because we launched Rearview in the spirit of being a reliable and well-rounded partner our clients can count on to always have their back. That question continues to drive what we do today, worded just a little differently, and it’s one our clients are proud to answer. Who’s behind your image?

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