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New Construction Rendering Services

April 2, 2022

Get a clear picture of your new home designs or other construction projects with high definition renderings. Don’t let your vision get trapped behind layers of black and white architectural layouts (or old-school fuzzy watercolor renderings). With a 3D new construction rendering, you can show prospective buyers just what they’re getting when they build with you. Illustrations are a new construction mainstay, but lifelike renderings will help you convert sales or educate investors even more quickly by demonstrating, in detail, what’s realistically possible. Exterior finishes, materials, architectural details, and the scale of your homes all become real for potential buyers. Best of all, you can make changes without having to pick up a hammer or paint brush.

a comparison of a 3D rendering and a flat architectural rendering

Left: traditional flat rendering, right: modern 3d rendering.

Even if you are currently using artistic renderings, some details may need to be completely dropped for a flat drawing or watercolor – leaving buyers with an incomplete picture compared to modern renderings.

Whether it’s for a city presentation, homebuyers, investors, or stakeholders of any kind – a lifelike architectural rendering is a strong selling tool that will go beyond the imaginary and make your designs real. Find out why homebuilders and other construction companies rely on us for rendering services. Here are a few examples of what we’ve done for our clients.

Daytime and Dusk Digital 3D Renderings

Paint a photorealistic picture for your clients with landscaping and lighting to match your real world location. The renderings above put homebuyers on the street with their prospective new homes, and each element can be tweaked to show different elevations or options. Siding options, paint colors, masonry materials – everything from the gable brackets to the board-and-batten can be changed in one of these new construction renderings. We are also capable of using any architectural filetypes to create your renderings – no need to request different files from the architect.

a before and after of a new construction renderings on a construction site

Real-World Visualizations

We can also help you visualize the actual placement of a project or development, turning a photo of the future construction site into an image of your final product. Stakeholders and investors will see for themselves the fruit of their investments, homebuyers will get to imagine the lifestyle they can create in your neighborhood, and members of local government can view their upgraded new location with total confidence.

Get Started With Renderings

Bring Your Designs Into Reality

The story you create with your marketing materials becomes exponentially more powerful with an illustration. A rendering will take the idea of a new construction project in your buyer’s mind and solidify it into something they can see with their own eyes. In addition to 3D renderings, we offer new construction illustration services of all kinds, like site plans, floor plan illustrations, and area maps. It’s easy to get started, just reach out to Rearview Advertising and find out what’s possible for your project.

“The entire team at Rearview Advertising is creative, responsive, action oriented, and true professionals in every sense of the word, beside the fact that they are fun to work with. Our business has grown as a direct result of the work they provide to our company…”

– Clay Zimmerman, VP Sales & Marketing, Kerley Family Homes

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