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5 Web Trends of 2014

January 15, 2014

Flat Design1. FLAT DESIGN
Microsoft certainly set one of the biggest trends of 2014 with the release of Windows 8 and their flat design concept. A year later iPhone users were pleasantly surprised when Apple followed suit and launched the flat design of iOS7. Websites are throwing drop shadows and other three dimensional elements out the window and keeping designs flat. With Google and Yahoo jumping on the bandwagon with their updated logos, this is one trend that does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Flat design certainly goes along with what marketing professionals have been saying for many years: Don’t let your flair distract from a great product or service.

The use of a simple color scheme tags along nicely with flat design. 
Keeping the color palate of your website down to a 
minimum is a great way to simplify the design and keep clutter out!

People are extremely visual, so what better way to showcase what your company is about than a quick video? Not only are videos visually appealing and easy to 
produce, the options of sharing the video and gaining a larger audience are endless. The popular app Snapchat relies primarily on video for their website and has almost eliminated all text.

Expect to have a mighty fit and toned pointer finger, because endless scrolling websites is a trend that is not going away soon. Scrolling makes a site extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, especially on tablets or with mice that have scroll features. Careful to not make users have to go to far to find your best tools and contact forms. You don’t want to lose an audience during the opening credits.

Hero refers to the focal image on a websites home page. 
Designers are getting creative with the imagery used in the hero area and employ very stylized photography, simple blurred images, or funky illustrations. Expect to see large hero areas replacing sliders, and look forward to designers getting creative and utilizing the space with elaborate designs.

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