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Effective SEO Copywriting Produces Results

March 8, 2011

SEO copywriting, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization copywriting, is one of the top tools to drive traffic to your website, therefore increasing your site’s sales. It is promotional copy saturated with key words, which are the main things your potential customers are searching for. The goal is to have relevant key words in your copy, so the article will come up in your search results.

SEO copywriting is a big part of the organic SEO movement. Organic search engine results require time, effort and dedication, but if the optimization is done properly, they bring the traffic. Studies reveal that less search engine users visit paid search advertising sites than visit organic sites. In fact 4 out of 5 search engine users report that they seldom and often never click on paid search results. According to Forester Research, more than 70% of search engine users report visiting organic search on a daily basis.

Effective SEO copywriting is all about picking the right keyword phrases. If you are trying to market watches, unless you are the lucky owner of, you have to be specific and implement a phrase like men’s Rolex watches, for example. Not only there’s less competition for that term, but also the more specific key words are, the more visitors they will potentially bring to your site.

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