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Google’s Panda Demands Quality Press Releases – Huh?

July 28, 2014



Did You Know…

A few months ago, Google released Panda 4.0, the latest update to their search engine algorithm. This latest version was designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. There was one group of sites that felt an immediate negative impact in their SEO results – Press Release Services.

Avoid the Wrath of Panda

This Google update is forcing Press Release services to crack down on low quality posts previously used to manipulate search rankings by some of their users. Going forward these services will follow tech-based editorial guidelines to analyze and remove poor quality press releases before they reach Google’s search result feeds. Also be aware that they will continue to delete low quality content from their Press Release sites to avoid Panda’s wrath of reduced page rankings.

Why Marketing Managers Should Care

Obviously, these Press Release sites don’t want to hurt their SEO performance, and neither should you. Google’s message to anyone using press releases as a way to increase a brand’s SEO visibility is clear – Unless your posts contain quality content that is relevant to their readers you could be hurting your business instead of helping. This may have already affected your SEO efforts and you just don’t know it yet.

What To Do Next

Make sure the person or agency partner writing your press releases isn’t wasting your money by posting spam on behalf of your brand. If you want to hear more about our copy writing services or other SEO efforts available to strengthen your brand’s visibility online, Contact Rearview today!

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