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Responsive Web Design

June 24, 2014


Always being on the go means enjoying the convenience of having multiple sized devices to access the internet.  However, we have all been in the situation of viewing a website and having the content be teeny tiny, so we suffer to get the information by zooming in and out and scrolling from side to side. Many buyers begin their search for your product or service online and because of this, they need to be able to browse without difficulty.

With a responsive website design, potential buyers can use your site to search and view your homes and offers easily without the added frustration of  constant zooming and scrolling.  We find ourselves running into this irritating situation more frequently than we would like. Make sure that the content you are trying to sell or the homes you are trying to show look beautiful on your site from whatever type of device they are being viewed on.

Responsive web design takes care of this hassle by taking the website one sees on their desktop, and formatting the content to fit all screen sizes, resolutions and devices.


Advantages of Responsive Web Design:

•  Your website will look GREAT no matter what device it is being viewed on
•  No more teeny tiny sites – responsive sites are much easier to navigate
•  Responsive design will give your website a fresh look
•  Mobile users will visit your website longer
•  Beat out non responsive competitors


Responsive web design is very beneficial for any sized business. Call Rearview today to get your responsive site project started.

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