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Social Media – Bang for Your Buck

June 22, 2014


Social Media is an effective way to make your business more prevalent to your desired audience. But knowing how to make the most of the advertisements you plan to publish to your social networks can be tricky. Here are four simple tips to help you get started with your advertising ventures!

1)  The first thing you should determine when considering advertising on social media is your target audience. Who do you want to see this ad? Social networks today, such  as Facebook, allow you to decide exactly which demographic you want this ad to be delivered to. This way, you will know that your ad is being shown to the right audience for your product or service.

2)  Make a budget. Don’t spend more than you need on a social media website. Many businesses pour money into these networks over posts that do not even generate any buzz. Choose or create posts that you believe will bring in the most viewers. Even test the waters before making the plunge. Test a few trial posts and see which ones bring in the most attraction before opening those purse strings.

3) Connect with your audience. Deliver posts that provoke engagement between you and your viewers. Start a contest or an event to get customers involved. The more your audience interacts with you, the more they can connect with your brand.

4)  Define your goal. What is the ultimate outcome you are looking for. Knowing where you want to end should help you decide where to begin. Use your goals to help you determine what kind of ads you want to create for your audience.

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