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The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Marketing in 2024

Tyra Douyon - February 5, 2024

Like a tree falling in the woods, if your organization schedules an event, but no one shows up, did it even happen? Don’t let your trade shows, grand openings, and open houses flop in 2024. With our event marketing tips, you’ll have a VIP bouncer at the entrance of your events in no time. Let’s take a closer look at some of Rearview Advertising’s do’s and don’ts for advertising for an event so your organization can effectively attract, engage, and excite your target audience.

Online Registration for an Event ©A3pfamily

Do: Make it Easy to Register and Access the Event Online

Many have experienced registering for an exclusive event becoming an Olympic sport. Broken links, out-of-date web pages, and mysterious digital firewalls can make anyone exhausted from jumping through digital hurdles and just give up on attending. Do your guests a favor and make your registration process easy. Use the same hyperlinks across all marketing platforms and double-check online access to virtual channels. Shorten any forms attendees must complete and only include the most pertinent information to lower your form abandonment rate. A seamless process will help plan catering, the number of handouts, the size of the venue, and other information so you adequately prepare for the people in attendance.

Don’t: Overwhelm Your Attendees With Ads

Too much of anything isn’t healthy, including spamming your attendees with promotional materials. You’ll have time to authentically engage with your audience at the event, so save the additional information for the follow-up email. Only send what’s relevant and event-related leading up to the big day.

video advertising for an online event ©paulaphoto

Do: Use Video Advertising Across Digital Platforms

Since the first television commercial aired in 1941, videos have taken over the entertainment industry. Lucky for your business, “…where there is content, there are advertisements” (Forbes). In 2022, online video ad spend reached $75 billion, with an expected increase of 120 billion by 2024. This data proves companies are still investing copious amounts of money in these ads, and yours should, too! Because of popular social media platforms that favor videos, such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, more people respond to short-form video ads. This year, incorporating video advertising for your businesses is essential to stay competitive in the saturated ad market and continue to entice your target audience.

Don’t: Only Use Traditional Advertising

There are a few options when creating a video ad. Your company can produce a scripted video and roll it into a thriving seasonal campaign, make another video that’s more candid to communicate authenticity and support the brand voice, or use a positive testimonial from a paying customer. Take the Stanley® company, for example. A viral video of a woman’s Stanley® tumbler surviving a car fire in 2023 boosted the company’s sales, increasing their annual revenue from $70 million just 4 years prior to more than $750 million in 2023. The company compounded on the cup craze and began offering limited-edition colors and more collaborations with larger companies like Starbucks™ and Target™, ultimately leading to people camping outside Target for a Stanley® cup on release day.

Your business may be unable to replicate a fire-proof video of your product to compound sales. However, consider how you can follow this example by including more video advertisements in your marketing campaigns across all digital platforms. This addition may just create the event of the season.

Event Marketing Social Engagement ©Studio Romantic

Don’t: Stop Engaging with Attendees After the Event

Post-event engagement is when you can support attendees and encourage them to take the desired action, whether that means becoming a repeat customer, signing up for an email newsletter, or helping your company with influencer marketing efforts. Don’t let the event be the last time you contact potential customers. The key is to stay ‘top of mind’ and active.

Do: Follow Up Using Social Engagement Marketing

Use the email addresses you received from the event registration to send information about upcoming events, promotions, and sale opportunities. You should also give attendees a survey to gauge if the event was well received, analyze pain points, and plan for the future. An SEO-friendly blog summarizing the event is another effective way to keep your audience captivated, bring new customers to the website, and maximize social media engagement.

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