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3 Marketing Tips for Q4 Holiday Season Success

Tyra Douyon - September 28, 2023

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Are you ready to ‘Fall Into Savings’ this season? How about sending your RSVP to attend another seasonal giveaway event? Did you forget that if you send the emailed QR code to 10 friends, you can get $10 off a Christmas tofurky?! This time of year is full of attention-grabbing marketing campaigns, from holiday promotions and limited-time deals to gifts and incentives. As new campaigns kick off and companies revamp their strategies, it’s crucial for your company to focus on a few key changes. 

Now is the time to emphasize collaboration on creative content ideas, restructure budget allocations, and solidify a compelling marketing initiative across all channels. As we enter the fourth quarter, we recognize that every company aims to maximize profitability during this period. With meticulous planning, fresh campaigns, and an innovative strategy, your Q4 performance can position your business to meet its financial goals just in time for the New Year’s celebrations.

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3 Things to Consider Before Moving Into Q4 

Set the Sales Stage for Holiday Promotions

Advertising professionals know that the last three months of the year are the most critical times to make sales. Halloween season sets the stage with costumes, candy, and consumer goods. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are the opening acts. December holidays are the spotlight performers, and New Year’s is the encore. Consider what promotions you can offer to coincide with these big spending months. If you’re in the homebuilder industry, prospective buyers still want to purchase a home in time for the holidays. A new house to host guests during the busiest time of year is what people want to find. Capitalize off that message and streamline your incentives to entice the right buyer so your Q4 is successful. 

What’s In Your Wallet? 

Reflect on whether your business could benefit from additional advertising or other expenses beyond standard campaigns. Q4 is the time to try different ideas and think outside the box. For example, a new ad campaign might be just what your company needs to push over the hurdle and reach its yearly goals. Don’t hesitate to reallocate your funds and increase spend on advertising so your products and services can outshine all the other businesses prioritizing their inventory. With so many promotional events and advertisements hitting the market simultaneously, your business needs to stand out to increase its revenue before the holiday season ends.   

‘Diversifying Channels’ Is the New Black 

Lock in your digital strategy quickly and decide what new and existing channels your marketing team will need to use to target Q4 holiday promotions. Consider if a batch of redesigned emails sent to a new audience list, a fun social media campaign that promotes reshares and commenting, or a set of short-form videos shared as a Google advertisement is the best approach. Or maybe it’s all that and then some! Figure out what will work best for your teams and clients, and then take action. Don’t have a plan of attack of your own? That’s what Rearview Advertising is here for!

Get Clients and Colleagues Onboard 

As you gear up for an exciting fourth quarter, you must guide your clients and colleagues through the process with positivity and excitement. New marketing plans might seem risky, but the payoff can be extraordinary if completed with a great team and a strong campaign. At Rearview Advertising, we aim to help clients exceed their yearly goals and expectations with compelling copywriting, dynamic web design, and innovative marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company conquer Q4! 

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