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Rearview Welcomes Designer Grace Needler

January 7, 2014

Photo Credit: Ashley Faith Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Faith Photography

FAVORITE BRANDING CAMPAIGN: Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. I love the fact Dove is trying to teach women to love themselves despite the “perfect” women seen in media.

FAVORITE TYPEFACE: Llama Font! Because every message is better when it’s said by llamas!

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 4.18.40 PM

FAVORITE WEBSITE: It’s a toss up between Pinterest and Jim Carrey’s website… Pinterest because it feeds my crafting addiction, and Jim Carrey because, well, it is just weird.

CATS OR DOGS: Cats, dogs, and every other animal out there. I love them all!

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Pappasito’s – you get so much yummy food for a decent price! When your husband is a full-time student in a Doctorate program, you have to look for quantity and quality!

I love spending my free-time crafting, playing Call of Duty, taking cat naps with my cats, traveling, and going on hikes with my husband and dog.

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