Level Up Your Lead Generation: Blogging

April 14, 2020

Blogging for Lead Generation

Your website is the perfect platform to establish credibility and draw in leads. Having good copy throughout is smart, but continually providing useful information to your audience establishes you as an active, involved company. Imagine the results from having a blog filled with content designed to engage visitors and capture leads. Discover how blogging will bring the leads to you, and enhance all of your lead generation efforts.

blogging for lead generation and SEO

Blogging for Lead Generation and SEO

To get leads from blogging, your content must provide value to your readers. As often as possible, you should be writing to address potential questions about your product or service. Writing articles exploring commonly searched topics will also help with SEO on your site. Research the questions that are bringing people to your site or adjacent to it, and write to capture that attention.

create versatile landing pages

Versatile Landing Pages

Blogs aren’t just fodder for SEO – blog pages can also be highly functional. Your blog articles can act as landing pages for digital ads, as long as you structure them correctly. Blog landers should be highly visual, easy to read, and contain a special element for capturing leads. Whether that’s a form or a button is up to you, but always test and alter your approach if need be.

maximize form leads

Maximize Your Leads

Finally, the secret sauce – here’s how to ensure every blog article you write has the best chance of bringing you leads. Don’t just direct readers to another page on your site or send them off without anything else. Give them a chance to submit their information in exchange for further value. Put an email form or button at the end of your article and make an offer, “join our email list” or “get a free ebook.” If they have read this far, they have qualified themselves – they want more.

Blogging for Lead Gen: A Win-Win

The best lead generation blogs provide value while gently reminding readers that there’s more where that came from. It can be a difficult balance to strike, though. Rearview Advertising knows exactly how to draw in readers and convert them to customers. No matter your vertical, we can create engaging blog content and deliver it when and where you need it to get leads. Even better, we can help with social media management and email marketing services to maximize return on your blogging efforts. Get a team that’s dedicated to quality, high-performance content – contact us or fill out the form below and reach out to Rearview Advertising today.

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